Worried about my AK day

I’m pretty happy with how my plans for July are shaping up, but the one day I’m not sure about is my AK day.

It starts with a 10.30am breakfast at Boma. At 6pm I have Tiffins, and at 9pm I have ROL.

I should be able to get FPPs for FOP, and I thought I’d shoot for KS and probably EE, though I could do single rider.

Or could I? According to KtP, the day I’m going is the worst day ever in the history of AK to go. TP says it’s a great day to go but we all know that we no longer trust the TP crowd predictions.

So, it’s mid-July, hot, humid and crazy crowded. What am I going to do?

Gorilla Falls, sure. Maharajah Jungle Trek, fine. (Or will they be swamped with people?)

But then what? It’s a Bug’s Life? Forget it. Never ever ever. Nemo? Done it. One and done for me. FOTLK? Done it twice. Maybe to escape the heat? Though is it proper air-con? Up? It gets poor reviews . . .

Wild Africa Trek? I’ve thought about it. But I’ve done it before. And I really don’t want to be paying money for extras on this trip. (Except the HEA dessert party.)

The Elephant thing? Can you easily get walk-ups?

The Rhino thing? It’s only at 11am I think.

Dinosaur? Nope. Hate it. DinoLand? Don’t be ridiculous. Well, I want to try Primeval Whirl because it looks similar to a ride at Alton Towers in the UK, which I really enjoy.

Kali River Rapids? I really want to try this, but am fearful about how wet I’d get. Should I have this as my third FPP instead of EE? Could I get it as a fourth?

What else is there to do?

I have not purchased an updated KtP, but I shall if I do decide to do WDW with MVMCP this December. Why does he say that is the worst day ever in the history of AK? Not that I detect hyperbole.

I believe single rider lines are relatively forgiving even in the worst case scenarios.

I love Kali River Rapids. I’ve gotten moderately and copiously soaked… never gotten only lightly soaked. I enjoy the ride. It is classic Disney (“Oh look - bad guys have been here… oh dear, let’s get away”) and in July I wouldn’t want to miss it. I think it would be nice to have a heat-of-the-day FPP for that.

I finally rode Primeval Whirl last trip (2016) after too many visits pregnant or when it was in refurb. I just recovered in November. :wink: Not that you should detect hyperbole.

But, TP says:


Really? Why?

Yes. I think also with the Rhino thing. Oh wait nevermind. Ignore me. I don’t know anything abou this park obvi.

Bring a throwaway poncho

Nomad Lounge. Dawa Bar. Street performers. Taking it all in, wandering (but maybe you got to do enough of that before?

No, I’ve plenty more wandering left in me for AK. On other visits I’ve ended up dashing from one thing to the next.

Then plan to be spontaneous and wander. I could spend hours wandering in that park.

Of course if it’s really supposed to be an awful day (you didn’t answer as to why?) then maybe it will be too crowded for that to be enjoyable? In which case I would park yourself at Dawa bar, even if you just have sodas or something, and enjoy the streetmosphere.

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Crystal clear…
Maybe by late April the projections will line up more closely???
(Not that that happened for me last trip.)
Throw a little UCT in there:

Isn’t there ALWAYS a “worst” park with KTP? Every day has one.
Perhaps the crowds are not objectively bad, but relatively so when compared to other parks.
In which case both TP and KtP could be right.


Because KtP said so. I even posted a picture of the thing. Do keep up. Have you lost your reading glasses again?

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Maybe KtP thinks it’s the worst because all the characters will be off grid because it is typically 99F and those fur suits are nasty…

Well that’s a very good explanation then.

Except it’s not.

I wouldn’t get your knickers in a twist over it.


You can’t help yourself can you?

Seems not. :woman_shrugging: I suppose it’s my lot in life. Or at least this evening.

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I’ll thank you not to discuss my underwear in public again.


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You’re reading it wrong - KtP’s calendars are a bit confusing. All it means is that he’s predicting that AK is the worst park out of the 4 parks for the day. Not that it’s going to be insane crowds.

So for KtP’s calendar, right under the legend is a solid colored bar. This bar indicates the crowd level for that day resort wide. That corresponds to the first part of the legend for each color. So for the pic you posted, that day will have “Busy Crowds”. Not insane crowds.

Now underneath the solid bar are the different parks. This tells how they relate to one another - which is the best park for the day, which ones are the median parks, and which is the worst. This corresponds to the second part of the legend for each color. So DHS is the best park that day, MK and Epcot are in the middle, and AK is the worst park that day.

So AK will be fine. It’ll be busy but probably no busier than any of the parks when you were there in December. Probably less so.

I much prefer the TP ten-point scale…


What’s up with the bikini? Have you been spying on me again?

or (:open_mouth: ) which one of my swimsuits do I need to throw out?!?!?

Discussions of underwear clearly fall under the purveyance of @ryan1. Did you all not read your contracts?

Does that work on Kali? I’ve been on it several times with family, and each time, SOME of us come off barely wet, and others VERY VERY wet. But almost all of the soaking comes from the waist down as water spills over the edge of the raft into the seat. I don’t know that a poncho does an effective job in protecting you.

It will HELP, of course, and in the event that you do get some water up higher, it will keep your shirt dry(er). . Now, a very long poncho that hangs down below the knees might help.

KTP always picks the EMH park as the worst on any given day. If you have park hoppers, it won’t be a big deal as you can leave and go to another park if it gets busy and you are done your FPs. If you don’t have them, then just know AK will be more crowded then the other parks that day. And it looks like the day will be busy overall, not insane, so it won’t be the worst day ever.

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Re Kali: You’ll be in Florida. In July. You’ll dry off in approximately 3.5 seconds.


Ponchos definitely work. That’s the only way we ride. Sometime still get a little splash but not drenched