World Showcase: What would you skip?

If you were to hit the world showcase with kids (5 and 8) and knew you were going to have to skip a few stops, what would you skip and why? We have FEA FPPs and dinner ADRs at Teppan Edo, but am wondering what are skipworthy or must dos through the rest of the showcase. Ideally we’ll hit all, but it’s going to be HOT that afternoon, so am looking for an alternative list in case we just aren’t feeling it.


America has the American Adventure, Mexico has the Grand Fiesta boat ride, and China, France, and Canada all have films. The rest are all primarily shops and restaurants. I would probably plan on hitting Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, America, and Japan. As you will already be slightly over half way around WS, just continue with the circle and stop in at what looks interesting or just keep walking.


We skip Canada, USA, Italy, Morocco. A little look around if we have time but not in depth. We usually skip UK too since we’re from here, but really enjoyed doing Agent P there last time, and since a fellow UK liner’s daughter is about to start working there, we will definitely call in this time! We love Mexico and it’s all indoors which is bliss in summer.


Hello, totally different question, but if someone is calling our mobiles from the US while we are there, is it 01144 please?

I want to say that’s right, but I don’t know for sure. Its definitely right to call a UK landline.

Thanks, I’ve read conflicting info, some don’t mention the 1’s.

I think it’s just 044 then drop the first 0 from your number… If that makes sense!

First dial 011 44 and then your phone number without the leading zero.

I’m totally confused now!! I don’t remember those 1’s at all! :confounded:

With regards to WS - France, Canada and China all have movies and if it’s hot out, these will be blessings. The Canada movie, however, is a circle 360 and you have to stand for it. It’s dated, but they’re movies of the country, so how dated can it really be?

If you’re from the U.S. you must see the America pavillion. It’s a half hour theatrical experience (if I remember correctly). If you’re not American, go, but it is a very patriotic show. If that doesn’t interest you, then skip it. Again, though, on a hot day, it’s cooler in a theatre than on the sidewalk.

The ones are definitely right if you’re ringing a UK phone from US. What’s confusing me is that it’s a US phone number. But I guess it’s the same as it would be using UK towers.

Sorry, I must have missed something here. I though @Tate’s side question was about ringing a UK mobile from a US phone. In that case her phone has a UK number, so to dial it from a US phone the caller would have to use 011 44. Where the UK mobile is doesn’t actually matter.

I thought @tate was from the US, visiting the UK but people from the US would be ringing. Now I’m really confused!

Thanks everyone, I am from the UK. I’ve put my mobile number in my ADR’s without the 1’s, I will remember to change them before we go.

My bad, I didn’t realise (or maybe I’d forgotten) you were a UK liner. I kind of assume everyone is from the US! Sorry for the confusion.

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I’m resurrecting this thread from a couple of years ago to see if anyone has any additional thoughts on must-dos or okay-to-skip at WS. It seems we never allot enough time although the family loves EPCOT and WS.

The kids are young adults, but Agent P still looks pretty fun. What do you think about that?

We have ressies for Via Napoli and might also make it to Rose & Crown. Also thinking Tangierine Cafe for lunch. We will definitely spend time at Japan.

We will use the IG and plan to do it a few countries at a time since we are at BWI


We definitely liked Agent P as much as the kids! It takes you to some parts of the countries that you otherwise might not notice, and some of the effects are cute. We got a kick out of others who weren’t playing being startled when we set something off.

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Haha, I think DH will like it for that reason. The thing he liked the most on our last trip was the camel spitting on people at Adventureland :roll_eyes::grin:


Our favorite countries are Mexico, Japan, England, France, Germany, and Morocco. Mexico for Donald and the ride, Japan for the shopping, France for the food, Germany for the trains, England for Mary Poppins, shopping and atmosphere and Morocco for the architecture. We did the stamps at each country with the kids as well. We did 2 days in Epcot this past trip and that definitely helped us see a lot more of WS.

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I went this year with a friend who’s a 50-something year old dude. He is obsessed with Agent P – it’s totally fun and cute! (Though, he was already a devoted fan of Phineas and Ferb, so this was extra up his alley…)

I feel like we rushed through all of WS the last two times we’ve been there… we’re hopefully planning a trip next year and I’ve gotta figure out how I’m going to make myself stop and smell the roses. It’s so hard!

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