World Showcase: What would you skip?


We will almost have 2 days to devote, and I do think that EPCOT is a full 2-day park. A lot depends on what day we arrive and unfortunately I won’t know that with any certainty due to DS’s finals schedule not coming out until the last minute. So I’m planning to start out with WS since we won’t need any FP for it.

Probably the first night we would head to the UK- that is a big pavilion and I’m sure we’ve only seen a bit of it in all these years we’ve been going to WDW. And Canada. These are on the way to Future World which the kids will want to go to first to get those rides out of their systems.

Another day we’ll be over by TT so plan to see Mexico & Norway and those rides there, probably will explore up to The American Experience & I want to see Voices of Liberty. This is probably the day we’ll do Agent P, I’ve heard Germany is fun for that.

On our departure day, we’ll again stay closer to the IG and see Japan-France.

I’m hoping that by splitting it up this way we won’t get too tired and can see a lot more than we have before! It seems like in the past, by the time we got to WS we were worn out from Future World so doing WS at other times seems like a good alternative.