Woman Arrested with Concealed Firearm

A woman hid her purse in a planter while going through security at the MK. A nurse at health check spotted it and called security. She was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon and banned from WDW.

I really want to know what this woman was thinking, assuming it wasn’t some sort of premeditated thing.

FYI the picture accompanying this article has nothing to do with the specific story other than being at MK entrance.

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I don’t :scream:

Even worse, she blamed her child!


A case could probably made for the fact she WASN’T thinking. :slight_smile:


A six year old. To watch their gun. Mind boggling.

my guess is mental illness.

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I think its just that this person is a dumbass. Simple. If she was planning to use the gun (which is possible, but not likely), then I would agree with mental illness.


Perhaps she was unhappy with the accuracy of guns at the Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade and thought she’d bring her own. I can only guess.


I just feel really bad for that kid. Thought they were going to Disney World today, was actually already there, about to enter the park, then BAM Mommy’s going to jail instead.


It is bad for the kid.

Hypothesis based on watching women - like mature women who have been carrying purses more years than this 27 yo from Georgia has been alive: 1) she forgot what she had in her purse. 2) she recalled, frantically, what was in her purse when she saw security. 3) she did not have keys to the car, possibly her brother’s car. 4) she told the kid to watch the purse while she went to get his uncle. 5) the weirdest thing to me: why didn’t the siblings have cell phones? (Like: hello, meet me at the car. Because I said so. I don’t care if you’re in line for the ferry. MEET ME AT THE CAR!!!)

I can’t think of the number of times my sister and her adult daughter - both work in retail - have forgotten that they have knives in their purses.

At the most inopportune times to have knives in their purses.

Yes, knives aren’t guns.


“The abandoned purse contained a 9 mm firearm holding ten rounds, including one in the chamber…” Yikes.

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I remember my kids at 6. I wouldn’t have left them alone outside an amusement park and had them watch my purse, much less one that had a loaded gun in it.

I do feel bad for this kid.


In all sorts of ways . . .

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I feel like loaded handguns should have a significantly different level of awareness than the pacifier that was somehow still in my purse more than 2 years after my youngest child had given up pacis.

She didn’t have a concealed carry permit either, so absolutely no business having it in her purse in the first place.



The level of idiocy exhibited by some humans still amazes me.

For about half a second - until I remember some of the happy crap I’ve seen here in central Missouri. :woman_facepalming:


I can see this scenario. My husband always carries a knife on his waistband and I remember years ago a similar situation playing out going into Disneyland. He turned around and went back to the hotel and then met us in the rope drop line 30 minutes later. There are probably a 100 different ways this mom could have handled this better. Like so many others have said, the real losers in the situation are the kids.


This reminds me of a prank played on a coworker by a guy who was tired of listening to the woman exercise her first amendment rights. To say that the two were at opposites politically is perhaps understating their ideologies.
He happily described putting bullets in her purse before she left on vacation. The few live rounds and a spent cartridge or two were enough to occupy her at airport screening for 2 hours, thus enabling her to miss her flight to wherever her vacation was.

Moral of the story: always go thru your purse before leaving on a trip.

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What an asshole. Did anything happen to him?

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Nope. He wasn’t at the airport. I don’t know what the purse lady might have done. Probably nothing interesting.

He did lose any good will from his audience: other parents at the dojo.

Which has this on the wall:

Respect = Control
Control = Respect

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