Wizarding World of Harry Potter Maps

Hey guys!

I’ve found it a little difficult to find detailed maps of the WWOHP Diagon Alley. While UOR (credit for images) has the interactive online maps, I wanted to have something easier to look at for getting accustomed to the areas & shops in the trip planning process especially for newbies. While I was at it, I did Hogsmeade too.

Let me know if any locations are off or other suggestions.

I posted the images as an example here, but use the PDF link for better quality viewing and printing.

Diagon Alley Map.pdf (5.9 MB)

Hogsmeade Map.pdf (6.5 MB)

PDF Maps last updated 11/7/22


Nice! This would be really handy, particularly for those who haven’t been.

Yeah, some of the letters are hard to see…you might consider changing to a high contrast color, or provide a light drop shadow behind the dark letters to provide the contrast.

Borgin and Burkes looks wrong. It should be inside the building area, not outside near the restrooms. And in that end, perhaps label the entrances to Knockturn Alley?

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Thanks! Ok, that wasn’t too hard. I guess I just needed a push.

I can’t believe I missed Knockturn Alley!

Updated, please review everyone. I’m sure some other locations are not accurate.

Much easier to see now!

B&B is still wrong. It is more like where I put the green dot, approximately.

And you need to swap the 5 and X on the Diagon Alley map. The entrance to Knockturn is at the very end, just past Fountain.

(Easy for me to complain…I didn’t put in the work! :wink: )


Got it. No problem, I’m particular too with details and accuracy. I’ll wait to update because there may be more adjustments.

Thanks again!

Thanks @bebe80! I’m going to UOR this summer for the first time and these maps will really help!

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Thank you so much!

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Headed there today! These are so helpful! Thanks!! :slight_smile:

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DA map is updated, a few location markers fixed.


Just remembered, I also have pocket size park maps I customized too. Maybe these will also help.

I Included:

  • Bathroom Locations
  • Some of the better QS restaurants (in Blue)
  • Shows (in Green)
  • Attractions that require locker use

USF Pocket Map.pdf (461.4 KB)

IOA Pocket Map.pdf (514.7 KB)


I was playing around with a 1 day WWOHP plan. Since I added many shops to the plan that aren’t listed as an option, and since Diagon Alley on the TP map is so small, I made a map that’s easy to follow and that details all the extra steps. Since there are so many shops in DA, it’s still hard for me to remember where every one is located. So this will really help.

If anyone needs a WWOHP map to match your HP plan, I’ll be glad to make one up for you.

Here’s an example of the plan:

Here’s TP’s map:

Here’s my custom map:

The red number markers are the beginning of the plan. The blue numbers indicate the return trip after going to Hogsmeade


@bebe80 What’s funny is Knockturn Alley is easy to miss IRL as well. But definitely one of the coolest places to visit. :slight_smile:


Yes! How many of us have walked right by on our first visit to USF. :smile: :man_shrugging:

That’s the whole point, Muggle. :imp:

The Knockturn store TM’s had a delightfully grumpy attitude.

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Thank you SO MUCH! Going to Universal Florida for the first time just before Thanksgiving and these maps are EXACTLY what I was looking for! :woman_mage:


Sure, have a blast!


This is amazing! I really need to get a plan in place amd this helps so much!


I second this entire comment


I won’t have access to EE and I don’t plan on riding any rides so I’m unsure which paek to even start in.