Wise counsel required

The question:

Should I reschedule my April 20-26 trip to August 18-25?

The facts:

Change from six nights at Pop to seven nights at CSR
Gain $200 gift card
Package $40 more
Flight $140 more
So basically cost neutral, but nicer hotel and one extra night

The reasons:

COVID vaccine more likely in use by August
Trip less likely to be cancelled / trip more likely to be possible
Possible return of night-time shows / park hopping / FPPs
New attractions more likely to be open
Things more back to normal
Timing better professionally

The downsides:

Busier time of year?
Weather (but I like heat and humidity)



I will always choose CSR over Pop for the quality of resort. The rest… it might be better to wait for a chance of WDW being back to “normal “ especially in light of your cost to travel. And for the world to be healthier and more importantly the US, since it’s had a F’d up covid response. So if you don’t mind the heat or waiting an extra 4 months that would be my 2 cents. I don’t know the £ conversion


Sounds like a good option for you. My rebuttal was going to be “HEAT!!” But if you don’t mind that then you may benefit from more stability.

Downside of course as you mentioned is hurricanes.

Personally I would keep it in April though. I like some of the COVID restrictions and I think there will be some vaccine effect by then. Maybe even return of certain offerings like park hopping? Harmonious? We’ll see.


Hurricane season is June 1 - Nov 30. September is usually the worst month. Central Florida is usually spared the worst of any hurricane and Disney has only shutdown 2-3 times ever? Once a storm passes over land it loses strength so central gets wind and rain but not like costal areas. Another 2 cents. 2 bits for inflation


Plus side of April - we could run into you again! That is our school vacation week and I’ve got flights booked already


I’d be inclined to wait, hopefully more stuff will be back. Also I’m not seeing any real down side for you?


If it were me I’d choose later dates. I was just thinking about the cruise I have booked for June 2021…I just don’t expect it to happen, but since it’s a group cruise I really want to be on I’ll leave the booking for now. I can cancel through April. I am very excited about the vaccine news lately but know to be cautious with my optimism b/c this ain’t over…

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I would absolutely go later.

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I would move my holiday. If April becomes some miracle sunshine and roses, you could always change back or book something new, but you’re more likely to be able to enjoy WDW in Aug of next year than April.

As for hurricanes, well, this year Louisiana and Texas seemed to get them all. Sure, you might have bad luck, but I don’t think Orlando gets very many in any given season.

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I don’t honestly know that August is worse than spring. I’ve been in Dec with 85 degrees and in March with 30s. It’s always possible it’s going to feel hot and humid and I was really hot in Oct. What’s a few degrees compared to a nicer hotel, more time and pretty good odds that things will be more normal plus better odds that new rides will be done and operating. My favorite Disney trip ever was in August, completely anecdotal of course!


This is actually a fair point. Spring tends to be hot and dry in Florida. There might be the off cool day. August generally has the benefit of the daily thunderstorms to temporarily cool things down.

I vote for August. The only real downside is the weather: if you are OK with the heat and humidity then I think it’s worth it.

Personally, based on info from my COVID vaccination coordinator friend, April will be way too soon for a vaccine for you. Phase 1&2 is care homes, NHS and over 80s. Then they work down the age groups to 50+ hopefully by March / April / May. Depends on all kinds of things. Everyone else comes later. That puts you right at the border of being vaccinated in time and not enough leeway to be certain.

Chances of shows etc being back are higher for August.


Wait, I’m confused. I thought you were never going to Florida again for fear of giant alligators?!


August allows the likelihood that you’ll be vaccinated, which is great. But it also allows much more time for others to be vaccinated as well, which offers even more protection.


There might be more families/kids due to spring break in April. Easter is early in the month so it might not be as bad at the end of the month? I don’t know but I do know spring is a very popular time for families. These crowds won’t be there in Aug since that’s when most schools start.

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Agree with everyone else - If I had the choice I’d wait. It will be insanely hot & busy, but the likelihood that the parks will be closer to normal is better. (I don’t like the limited experience they are offering these days)


The heat in August this year was one of the hottest in recent history. We had multiple days above 100 degrees, and heat indices above 110.

However, one of the things that made this so bad was that with the socially-distanced lines, we were standing outdoors in the direct sun a LOT more than usual. But I can imagine that by August, there is a much stronger possibility that the socially-distanced lines might be in the rear view mirror. If that’s the case, the extreme heat of August won’t be as unbearable because you’ll in in the shade and/or inside much more of the time.

So add my vote to the “wait until August” column.


I agree with all the pluses! I don’t know that it is any busier between these times, maybe slightly more so in August. Hurricanes are DEFINITELY a possibility. They start up around late June. That being said, earlier in Aug tends to have weaker storms (but thats true for Nov too and looking, a bleeping Cat 5 was/ is out there).
Heat and humidity, my state has 5-6 months of this. I can’t enjoy the parks like that. I love DW at spring though. Warm but much better weather and all the topiaries! Rain is minimal. I personally would keep April. Maybe you’ll be able to switch down the line to a nicer resort. I would wait at least until end of Feb to see where we are with Covid.

Not sure why people think things will return to “normal” as a lot in the media outlets point to the opposite (msm, alternative, religious, etc.) If anything, things might be tighter and more controls and limits in place. I am not fear mongering, but just expressing some concerns I have for all people on a global scale, not just USA or UK. I am just watching patterns emerging.

If you recall, lockdowns (which is what happens to criminals), were only 2 weeks, then 6, now we are on 8+ months. Everything keeps getting extended, no end slated, even after vaccines are released (make sure you read the whole article and what they are implying). I have watched many CDC videos pointing to the the future, it has people wearing masks.

I think something people need to research is called the Great Reset. This is fully mainstream on the world economic forum, time magazine, etc. Google that phrase for starters.

But in either case mousematt, do what makes sense for you. If you have more apprehension about April, then go in August. An extra day is always nice. I tend to visit in Aug/Sep mostly. I am from Texas so heat is not really a factor so much. I hope you have a great vacay no matter when you go.


If you look back to this year, the summer things were opening up compared to April. That’s why I would think by next summer more will open again. Where as April you would be right after our winter. I also think as vaccines become more available more will come back.

I do agree that masks are part of our future for awhile, But the park might be more comfortable having more shows and what not. But who really knows right? Just speculating/- the further we get through the pandemic the better things will get.

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