Will we use them? UPDATE: Not exactly

What a great plan!

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Also I wholly concur with your recommendation for the extension and view upgrade. Gotta work in comfort! :wink:

I like your recap, but also ughhhhh! Fingers crossed you made your last change!

Eerily similar:

April 2020=>August 2020=>Dec 2020=>Feb 2021=>Mar/Apr 2021=>Aug 2021 :crossed_fingers:


i was afraid to read this because i thought you were going tell us you needed to cancel. fingers crossed this one sticks! :crossed_fingers:t2:


I gotta say, spending your birthday at Disney is the best. 13/10 recommend. I really hope this one happens! (God I wish I was there right now…)


Agree. I was in WDW for my actual 30th bday in Oct with my DH and DS (then 2.5yo), birthday dinner at Boma, and then in Jan my brother and I went to WWoHP as my gift to myself for my 30th. Best bday ever.


I am planning my birthday dinner at Cali Grill. Picky eater family be damned!


I was getting increasingly optimistic about our June trip until last night. Even got the COVID vaccine (WHOOP!). But last night DW and I were talking about it and realized that we could be screwed if one of our kids is exposed at pre-school/kindergarten the last week of May. Would mean cancelling our trip. Not sure why I didn’t really think about that scenario. Now I don’t know what to do. The only way I think we can go with any certainty is for DW to use her 3-week sabbatical (she gets one for 10+ years at her company), keep the kids home for the first half of it, then go to WDW the second half.


Sooooooooooooooooooo many logistics to figure out!

Congrats on the vaccine! Dose 1 or 2?

I got dose 2 on Friday last week. I did not feel sick at all on Saturday but was WIPED OUT. I basically slept most of the afternoon, and that is very much not like me at all. I am excited to have had both doses by now. DH gets dose 2 on Thursday this week.


Also - fantastic mask!!

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1st dose. DW won’t get hers until general public, so not likely before WDW unless we punt to 2022.

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I’m not one to normally buy trip insurance, but there are some coverages out there that will pay out if you have to cancel due to a COVID diagnosis or quarantine order. In these times, it might be well worth the money.

Yay for vaxxing! I got my second dose today, fingers crossed on the reaction!


Oooof! I remember all these cancellations. I gotta say, you probably are a better parent then me, I would have said “recital be damned!”

She takes 11 classes. It would seriously have messed up the show for a lot of people. And it’s her passion. And she’s a junior this year with plans of studying dance in college. Kind of not an option to skip.

Not to mention all the costumes we have already purchased for said show. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Tylenol and Motrin around the clock, each every four hours but staggered so you are taking one or the other every 2 hrs (ie motrin at 7, Tylenol at 9, Motrin at 11, Tylenol at 1 and so on)


Yeah, I feel that pain…


holy guacamole, that’s alot! Understandable then!!

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Yes she’s at the studio most nights for at least three hours sometimes as long as six hours Monday through Thursday and she’s in the studios dance company which meets three times a month on Saturdays and she takes workshops that are offered by a former rock cat that used to dance at the studio many moons ago. She pretty much eat sleep spreads dance and has since the minute she could walk

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