Will we use them? UPDATE: Not exactly

Just booked our flights for June 21-30.
With 193 days to go I’m still wondering — will we use them this time?

Was able to book both legs 100% on points. Booked my whole family on my points for the flight down. For the flight back I booked 3 family members on DD’s points and myself on my own. I have made a calendar reminder for 6/29 to check in for the return flight with a special reminder to log into DD’s account to do so. I was worried about kids getting to sit with adults so I was happy she had enough points to book everyone but me; I can get early boarding as a SW cardholder, provided there are seats available, so if I get a crummy boarding group I’ll just do that.

Word on the street is that I will be able to get the vaccine in the next few weeks as a healthcare worker here in NH. DH might be able to get it it as he works “in healthcare” although he has been working from home since March. DS will not be able to get it, so it seems, as no pediatric vaccine has been developed yet. DD might be able to get it as one of the first ones (?Pfizer?) is approved for use ages 16+; I suppose it will depend if her pediatrician adopts it or not. The vaccine status will factor heavily, I assume, in whether or not my employer lifts any travel restrictions by then.

But for today I’m feeling a little bit hopeful that we will be Home again reasonably soon.


I think you will be able to go! Booking on points is so great. You can be way more flexible. And hopefully if they start adding flights back into the schedule as demand picks up you might be able to pick points back up.

Everything that I have read about the vaccine suggests that you should be able to walk into CVS off the street and get vaccinated in April so if you and DH are in healthcare you should have zero problem. I did also see today that studies are beginning for children under 12, so by June those will likely be completed.

So excited for you!! Where are you staying??

OKW 2BEdroom

Get your boss to write you a prescription for the sacred spaces, lol! Then you have to go, doctor’s orders!!!
(This is obviously a joke.)


Ahh… the dream!!

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Wait, is that a thing now? I must have missed that or it’s changed since I got my SW card.

What airport? I couldn’t book today, I am hopeful that I will get the vaccine by phase 2, but my sister will not be eligible until phase 3 so I have to wait to see if anyone is available to come with me.

It’s one of the perks with the card I have. I get 4 per year.


We fly at 7 on the only nonstop that morning heading down
And we fly back at like 3:20 I think DH much prefers nonstop (he isn’t a great flier) and we figure after 10 days we can sacrifice a few hours (the latest flight out is 6:10 and stops at BWI)

I saw them and it looks like they will be gone soon (I love MHT) but I just can’t right now, even with all my points.

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Just when I was about to start making plans for our 6/21-30 trip, looking at menus, considering touring plans, reviewing boarding pass instructions, we received notice from my daughter’s dance studio about her spring recital. This show ALWAYS takes place on Father’s Day (we love it this way but that’s a whole other discussion) and so we planned to jet out of town on 6/21, after school and dance have been put to bed for the year.

Well, thank you Covid, the studio very wisely has had to create a contingency plan in case things are not better enough to allow us the use of the indoor theatre we always use. The outdoor backup-plan venu is only available the weekend AFTER that, and smack in the middle of our planned trip. Sigh.

With all other things being what they are for summer (I’ll spare you the details) our options for rebooking were very limited. One of those options falls over my birthday and that of our great nation. Which I have always said I will NEVER celebrate in WDW because the crowds are just too intense.

But this year, that could be a little different.

With crowd caps still likely to be in place to some extent, 7/4 will probably still be VERY busy, but nothing like usual. And it may be the one and only, and best opportunity, to celebrate my birthday in the World. And truly, it was the better of the only two ideal weeks to choose from.

So we are now rebooked for 6/28-7/7. Our flights actually went down a smidge by moving to that week which kind of surprised me. And now our countdown is at 144 days.

Will it stick??? Stay tuned…


It may be extra fun and cool to do a new thing at WDW.


My thought as well. And 2018 found us at the World the first week of July because of a karate tournament at Coronado Springs. The 4th was mid-week which might have affected daily crowd levels positively.

It was warm. But no warmer than Missouri that week. We were happy to rest in our air conditioned room early afternoons. The rain was the most annoying thing, perhaps.

I don’t know that I’d call it crowded. We rode what we wanted and walked walkways easily. Got food easily. But we weren’t in the parks after about noon thirty until 4 or 5 pm. Probably used FP some. I do know we opened HS at 6:30 am for some reason - Pixar Place?

Compared to WDW 2020 the week before Christmas. Walkways were more crowded but 30 min line wait seemed fast in December.

Hopefully there would be more restaurants open in July. Missed the restaurants.

I’d sure go then, given how many trip disappointments there’ve been.

I had so much fun the one year I went to WDW for my birthday. I wanted a big bash and Disney didn’t disappoint.

Staying tuned :crossed_fingers:


I hope so! :pray:


We have also been there over the 4th and it was crowded, but that was in the olden days without a pandemic.

At this point I say take any trip you can get in and grab all the joy you can when you can get it. You know the place like the back of your hand so I’m sure you’ll find plenty of ways to have fun.


So sorry that you had to re-book. I really hope it works out for you. Be sure to wear your birthday button every day of that trip. If it helps there were several days i was in the parks in early December that were at the capacity, meaning no Park Reservations were available. It did seem busy but not as busy as normal.


How many times have you had to rebook since you last went? I’m up to my 5th. I just got my first vaccine shot as a teacher, but my wife is part of the very last group so I’m hoping our August trip works out. Hopefully by then we are at a better place and these variants don’t throw a wrench in everything, especially since I convinced my wife that we should extend our trip and get a Savanna view at AK since she may have to work during those extra days. :slight_smile:


@OBNurseNH, were you able to keep your 2 bedroom?

This is our 5th time booking this trip

Initial booking for April 2020 - Us: “Yay! We’re going to Disney World!” Pandemic: “Hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Rebook to August 2020 - Us “surely it will be better by then. I mean that’s like 8 months away!” Pandemic - “Hahahahahahahahaha!!” Employer/school “you’re going nowhere Pooh Bear”

Rebook to April 2021 - Us “That will for sure be far enough out.” Later us: “But what if it’s not? Let’s go after school is out and remove that part of the equation. This is genius! We’re going to Disney World!!!”

Rebook to June 2021 - Us: “This is perfect. School will be out. Dance is done. Both adults will be fully vaccinated. Nothing’s stopping us now!”. Dance “Hahahahahahaahaha!”

Rebook to later in June 2021 - Us: “I’ll believe it when we are there”


Yes I was but not near Hospitality House. BUT! Since it’s my birthday and since we’ll be renting a car anyway, I’ve requested a villa overlooking the Sassagoula.