Why the mmmbop not? A bday trip report!

Today is hereeeeeeeee!!! I’m on a plane!!! It actually happened! I still have that covid-era “this trip will never happen so I don’t get excited until I’m actually on the trip” thing happening, but here I am on a plane!!!

You guys helped me with some pre-trip planning in this thread: https://forum.touringplans.com/t/pre-trip-help-updated-now-with-less-genie/

And now it’s actually happening! And, I open the forum to find out @Dreamer is also en route so I might bump into her and her DD as well! So far flights are on time. Very ready for stormalong bay, beaches & cream, GOTG, F&W, eat to the beat featuring HANSON, MNSSHP and AK RD!

The title refers to the entire reason I’m taking this trip. My friend and one of the only people I trust to watch my kid overnight was like “tell me about hotels at disney, i want to go see Hanson at Eat to the Beat.” She is a HUGE fan. Like as big of a fan now as I was as a 12 year old who thought Taylor Hansen was a god among men. And I was all “oh, how many people?” Her response? “Just me, unless you wanna go too! I have the companion pass you know.” Don’t tempt me with a good time. M (we’ll call her) is fantastic because her goal for the weekend is to chill and see Hanson and could care less about rides and is like “go do your crazy fan thing and I’ll do mine and we’ll share expenses!”

It helps that yesterday was my “firdy-sevenf” birfday so I asked my mom to watch the kids as my gift. DH actually got the weekend off so she’s just around so he can get a nap or two in while I’m gone. His job has been effing awful lately – my “the needs of the patient come first” Mayo-trained guy is finally feeling the soul-suck that is corporate medicine under late capitalism, and the moral injury on top of the absurd hours is just getting to be too much – so I would feel super guilty leaving if my mom wasn’t hanging around. He’s happy for me to go, but he’s also happy that when DS9 wakes up at 5:30a with more energy than I have after a triple espresso, my mom can supervise while he gets some much needed rest til 7 or 8. I also told him not to get me a gift (he sent a giant bouquet and showed up to my bday dinner as we were getting in the car to leave, see said job above) cause MERCH and CLUB LEVEL UPGRADE woop woop!

I also got a new phone for the trip because the camera on my S21 Ultra was ABYSMAL. The shutter speed was sooooo slowwwww that by the time it closed DD was halfway on the other side of the house, and so all of my pics were blurry. I did all the things the internet said to do and then pretty much found out it’s a hardware issue that can only be solved by throwing your phone in a lake and buying a new one. So. I want an iPhone but I just.cannot get used to the different swipes, and everything else we have is Google, so I’m trying the Pixel 7 Pro. So far so good.

Anyway, I’ll keep this as live as possible. Yee-haw!!!


I’m first! Following. Excited that it seems a meet will happen!


OMG I’m actually jealous and also love Hanson. None of my friends understand this obsession. They are so talented.

Have a great time!! And yay for club level and a birthday trip! :heart_eyes:


Yay! Hope you have the best time!


And I don’t even have remotely absurd hours.

Having a career in healthcare today sucks.

But anyway this is going to be a great trip!!! I can’t wait to follow along and wish we were meeting up at Nomad today like before!


I saw Hanson at my first F&W back in 2008 or 2009. It was awesome! The fangirls were lined up so early but we luckily just got in pretty easily. Some lady came in a little late and sat next to us and asked, did they sing “M-M-M-bop” yet? As in em em em… my sister and I just laughed. Like have you not actually heard the song?


Woohoo!! Have all the fun! Looking forward to following along :grin:


I have no Hanson interest but the rest sounds fabulous! I’m glad your mum can help DH with the kids while you’re off gallivanting!


Yay more trip reports and hopefully a liner meet!!


So we weren’t supposed to get off the plane in Baltimore. But then they said we needed to and now our flight leaves after it was scheduled to arrive at MCO. I’m quite glad I didn’t fomo myself into a park evening today cause now I will be lucky to make my 640 b&c res.


Ugh. Sorry for the delay.


Have fun! DH won tickets and took me to see Hanson this summer and it was fantastic! I’m not even really a fan, but they are great entertainers (my younger sisters were super jealous we went, tho). Apparently Houston was the first stop on their US tour.

Enjoy your trip!


That stinks! Crossing my fingers you make the reservation (or they take you anyway).


Ugh that sucks! :crossed_fingers: it works out to be earlier!


Take screenshots etc. of all the delay issues so you can plead your case to the CM??:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


I hope you make it!


There’s checking to see if modifying to a later time is available.

Also, just show up, when you can get there. Unless things have changed mightily since June, they’ll work you into the line-up.

It’s not like you’re a party of 20. :smile:


yeah, and i’m not too worried honestly. if i make it i make it, if not oh well. just really glad that i wasn’t able to get my party ticket switched to tonight because a) plane delay b) liner meetup at tomorrow’s party is imminent!!!


That was some good planning, there! :blush:


Excited to follow along!