Why online check-in 60 days before trip?

I’m a little confused about the 60 day recommendation for online check-in. Is this necessary? Will that help me get a room faster?

This is our first trip to WDW and we’re staying at the Wilderness Lodge, and we’re arriving the day before Thanksgiving at 8:30 am. Would online check-in help in getting an available room earlier than check-in time? I’m not requesting a specific room, we’ll take the first thing available.

Also, what about getting a map of the resort, and a list of activities? Can I still go to the front desk for it?

Thank you in advance!

It’s not recommended, it used to be when it opened up. But now you can do it any time from a year out to the morning you arrive.

Anyone can go to the front desk for any reason.

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Got it. Thank you! I jus found it odd that the same day I need to get my Fast Passes is the same day when online check-in opens.

I don’t know why they picked 60 days, but as I said it no longer applies anyway.


Okay… if you say so!



I’d say being locked out of your room stark naked was an excellent reason to go to the front desk :joy::joy:


Resort activity guides can be seen here. These can change monthly.


Never saw this page before! Thanks for sharing!

Yes - thank you!

One does have to wonder how one manages to end up OUTSIDE their room stark naked in the first place. Do people FREQUENTLY wander outside their room sans clothes? :wink:

When drunk they do! My friend told me recently her boyfriend had left the room naked and drunk in the middle of the night because he thought it was the bathroom door and locked himself out. He had a sleep on a sofa near their room, and then staff came and let him back in.

When she told us, it was amazing how many other guys had done it!

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A very good reason not to be drunk! :smiley:

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I love the way this conversation turned into a randy angle. :slight_smile:

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I will say that the online check-in DOES have the option to select a box saying that having your room ready early is of higher priority than your selected requests. At least this was true for my check-in a few weeks ago for POR. Whether or not it will actually get you a room earlier, I can’t say.

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If you’re locked out and naked, you need to have a lot of confidence to go parading your naked butt over to the front desk. And what about the children - won’t someone please think please think of the children


You know, it is funny. I think children would be far less bothered by naked people than grown ups. I mean, children might be shocked/surprised by seeing a stranger naked, but I’m not sure it would OFFEND. But once you are, post-pubescent, nudity takes on a whole new implication. :confused:


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Well, I hope you feel ashamed.