Why No Discovery Cove / Seaworld Topic or Board?

I was curious as to why there are no threads / posts about Seaworld and Discovery Cove? We are planning on heading to Orlando in late October and we are looking forward to both! We are only doing AK & Epcot for our time at Disney.

Have you looked in the Non-Disney Parks section of the forum?

Here’s a Sea World thread from last winter:

And this one from last fall:

P.S. And welcome to the forum!


@mkmuzzy - thank you! I completely missed that board.

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Hey! I was the author of a lot of those posts. I went to SeaWorld for the first time in Feb. 2023. I had a very nice time. If you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them.

FYI - Pipeline wasn’t open then


Thank you! I read through your report and gleaned a lot of information. My biggest struggle for SW is to decide between doing the Express pass (for 3 of us) or doing their DAS. Their DAS seems like a clunker compared to Disney. I have a qualifying disability. I can’t not be in lines longer than 15/20 minutes.

Sorry! I haven’t used SW DAS. I did use the Quick Queue. I didn’t have any issues, but it was a low attendance date.

A lot of the Quick Queues weren’t even being monitored…anyone could have walked into them. (I had one where there was an employee, but they just waved me in without even looking at the ticket!:rofl:)

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