Why is the world so biased in favour of women? It’s not fair!

It does look pretty.
I’ve been in that area many times, but must not have went by the village.

I don’t wear them because they hurt when I try them on. I haven’t tried children’s ears but have bought other child sized hats to get one that fits.

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Why do men have tailors. I am petite. Narrow shoulders and small bones. My legs are too long for petite pants but regular pants usually ride high because my torso is short. I need a tailor. I need petite long pants. They make women’s short and long but no choice in petite.

Has anyone seen these? or tried them?
Two NEW Pairs of Adjustable Ears Are Now Available in Disney World! | the disney food blog

Tailors aren’t just for men?


My drycleaner is a seamstress as well. She does the alterations for pretty much everyone on our side of town.

Maybe ask around for someone in your area?

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This would be amazing with the provision that whatever doodad they add to adjust doesn’t pull/snag/rip the hair.

Ew, never mind, I just saw the under chin strap.

I bet you could put it behind your ears/head too

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But they usually start with an unfinished suit.

I would need sleeves removed, shoulders narrowed, torso shortened for regular jackets. I also would need regular pants shortened crotch to waist. I wear size 6 jeans and Petite Small tops.

Tailors can do a lot more than bespoke suits (and not all tailors even do them!).

Find a tailor/seamstress, explain your issues with off the rack, and see if it’s something they can assist with and what they recommend. Some only do simple adjustments (like hems), others will be able to do almost anything, so you might need a referral to a more broadly skilled tailor.

Or get some of your clothes custom made, they’ll fit you correctly from the start.


I’m in a similar situation, and I cannot rave enough about a company called eShakti.
They do made to measure clothing. I’ve bought a few dresses, blouses, and even jeans from them and they’ve all been well done. And all their dresses have POCKETS.
I am short, on the heavy side, and am also short waisted. Nothing fits me 100% right off the rack.


I’ll second the eShakti recommendation. I have a few dress from them I wear every week.


Okay…for reals…what is the deal with pockets on women’s clothes. It is like they don’t think women will use them. My wife has never found jeans that have pockets that are usable. Tiny in back, and front pockets are sometimes purely decorative. Forget equal wages for equal work if we can’t even give women legit pockets!


I have never heard of eShakti before but they look fantastic and the prices seem reasonable. I’ll definitely have to check them out. I’m hard to fit also.


I have many dresses from them and love them!


Apparently @ryan1, designers like to add faux pockets to create a streamlined look. They don’t make them real pockets because that would spoil the look of the garment. :grimacing:


They do have frequent sales as well. I once bought for dresses at a buy one get on free deal

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I think this is my favorite quote ever. Well done.