Why is the world so biased in favour of women? It’s not fair!

Fascinating post from DFB about all the ears that were released last year:

Some of them are really great. But men can’t wear them because we have no way to anchor them on our heads.


I must be missing something…?

What’s different about our heads??


I was gonna ask the same thing. Maybe baldness? But that’s not every man and in fact a woman could be bald too


I think you must be under the impression that the hair holds them in place. :rofl: It doesn’t.


I think it’s that toxic masculinity hasn’t warped our heads out of being able to hold a headband.

aka men can wear them if they want.


Ummmm they’re head bands and can go on any head. Even bald ones. I personally don’t like them b/c I wear glasses and the ears are uncomfortable to wear. They give me a head ache. Due to evolving societal norms you can wear whatever you want. Go for it!


“…if they want” is the operative phrase there.

Now, I can’t speak for all men. But at least for THIS man…I do NOT want. :wink:

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I’ve tried them on and they’re not stable. You need long hair to anchor them in. I even asked an actual real-life woman and she agreed.

I would consider myself an actual real-life woman and I’ve never used my hair to hold them on. The band seems to do the job by itself :thinking:


So, it’s long hair and not gender? I’m so confused.


Yes, those cute ears were definitely a fair trade for our .81¢ on the dollar wage gap. :thinking:
Happy to trade, my friend.



Right?!? :rofl:

Hey! You got a Vice President. What more do you want?

I totally get that you were being a wise ass with this post, as is your way. (And usually mine too, tbh.)
But I think you might find this one falls a little flat simply bc, well, this is a touchy subject for most women, and the past 4 years have especially gotten our hackles up.


Well, let me be more specific.

I’ve tried wearing ears and I can’t. They don’t stay on. Also, I have to wear my stupid big hat in Florida to protect my face and neck because of my delicate skin which burns instantly it catches sight of the sun.

Double also, I can’t wear those Mickey Ears skull caps because apparently they only come in one size and my giant head is too big for them.

I think we can agree that I know the meaning of deprivation and suffering.

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I remember from my three happy years living in the US (during which I got in trouble a lot) that Americans are not necessarily as wildly enthusiastic and understanding of sarcasm as we Brits are.

One time I rocked up to my lesson with a bunch of freshmen and said, “You know what? I really can’t be bothered to teach this class today. I’m sure you’ve all got things you’d rather be doing. It’s a lovely day outside, why don’t we sack off the lesson and I’ll see you all tomorrow.” To which one of them said, with uncontrolled joy, “Really?” And to which I replied, “No. Obviously not. Turn to page 47.”

Well, it amused me. Which is really the main point of being a teacher. Because the money isn’t great and you don’t get a whole lot of respect.

There’s some truth in that, and there’s also a bit of variance geographically.
I grew up with European parents. My grandfather was from a quaint little British village that still to this day has thatch roofed houses called Nether Wallop. I get that black humor. And I live in the northeast, where the snark runs deep. But I’ve run into problems in other parts of the US.


For real?? That sounds like a real slap on the arse!! :rofl:

ETA I’ve just googled it so can confirm it’s genuine, but that’s hilarious :laughing:


For real! It’s flanked by the towns Over Wallop and Middle Wallop.
If you watched Miss Marple back in the 80’s-90’s, a lot of it is filmed in Nether Wallop.
My grandfather’s parent was a jockey at Stockbridge, not far from there.