Why is Dole Whip the stuff of legends?

I don’t understand why the Dole Whip is so popular and has legendary status. It’s just pineapple flavored ice cream. I’ve had it. I like it. I just don’t understand its popularity over any other snacks in-World.

Can someone explain it to me?



Can you explain why Justin Bieber is so popular? Nope, me either, I guess some things are just not explainable. :grinning:

I had my first Dole Whip last year, and while I enjoyed it, It didn’t blow my socks off. I guess maybe it’s because you can’t get it anywhere else, so there’s a little bit of Disney Magic mixed in with it.


On a hot day, the cool citrusy flavor of the pineapple whip float is the perfect cool-me-down and pick-me-up.

And it MUST be the float, just the ice cream is kind of boring.


Just a guess, maybe because you are at the Happiest Place on Earth when you enjoy the Dole Whip . That makes them so legendary. My wife doesn’t get it either .


I agree. The floats are better than just a dish of it. I am a pineapple nut so anything pineapple is wonderful to me.


LOL! I happen to think it’s delicious but it’s probably b/c it’s a Disney specific snack…and the whole “everything tastes better at Disney” factor. :slight_smile:


Pretty much what the others have said. If I could go to the mall and have it any tiit probably wouldn’t be that “special”, but I love pineapple in general, and the DW in particular, so it’s something I really look forward to when I go. But I WON"T wait in a 30 min line to get one…

And a bit of trivia - it’s non-dairy, so technically it isn’t “ice cream”… :slight_smile:


I love Mickey Bars. It’s our go-to treat at the World. But I don’t ever eat ice cream bars at home, no matter what brand. It’s a Disney thing. I’m guessing the Dole whips are the same.

I never got it either. IMO dairy products (or in this case a faux dairy product) and pineapple don’t mix.

I would try a dole whip again with rum in it. Got my first one in April but not wowed by it.


Like @Kevin_Krom said, the real treat is the float version.
I’m not a pineapple lover, per se, but that pineapple + vanilla + whatever the juice is in the float is a winning combination.


What @gabmom said. Rum.


Oh but you can get it anywhere…at least around here. It’s funny because when I was around twelve or so my local ice cream shop had dole whip…it’s in a little country and I mean country town. We have it down the road, at our local kids parks. It’s nothing special that’s for sure and it’s cheap. I guess if you don’t have it by you then it’s special. We get it because some of it is dairy free…that’s the only reason.

If you go to the patio at Trader Sam’s they sell a dole whip with rum- with an extra shot of rum.


I got one plain dole whip at AK.

Someone hit this thread, I know it’s kinda old, but I’ll give my take on it.
-First off, it is definitely NOT ice cream.

-That might tie into the fact that it is so nicely creamy that some people actually think of it as ice cream. It is SOOOO not ice cream. I guess I’ll call that reason number 2.

-The dairy free crowd probably appreciates it more than you could know.

-I like them because they are not too sweet. (Tamu Tamu seems to run sweeter than Aloha Isle, imo, therefore, my preference is AI.

-They end on a sour note, LOVE THAT.

So, as a mildly dairy free person that is trying to watch the ol waistline, but still has a sweet tooth, a creamy-ish frozen treat in the Fla sun, that isn’t too loaded with sugar*, and ends on a soury note? I’m IN. Oh yeah, it’s in WDW too!. I’m actually contemplating buying a 4lb bag of the mix on ebay soon.

And citrus swirl? Not even in the same ballpark!

I’m a big fan of the ol’ dole whip, if you haven’t guessed. I prefer a pineapple float, but I wouldn’t turn down either.

*Please, no dietary information to prove otherwise. Just let me believe they are not too bad for me. Either way, I’m still gonna eat at least one any day I’m in the MK.


I think the key here is that it’s a cold food that doesn’t weigh heavy on the stomach while you’re truckin’ through the parks(normally in heat). I remember most of the food at Disney left me feeling a bit lathargic and ready for a food coma, and the Dole whip/float was not one of them. Not that that’s a bad thing, it just makes the dole whip stand out as something I could eat and not slow me down at all.

As for why it’s the stuff of legends? The same reason why anything associated with a fantastic time is looked upon favorly…

If I had it here at home, I don’t think it would have nearly the same effect as it did in the park. I would estimate it would feel very close to the Wendy’s Frosty in terms of enjoyment. Good? Yup. Need it every day? Nah.


Soooo good and refreshing and now I can get it with rum !CHEERS!

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Yes, this! When you’re there is August and it’s hotter than the surface of the sun, nothing is better.