I get it, I get it. I get it. Star Wars…it’s coming. But you know what? My tickets are bought, my hotel is booked, my flights are purchased and my kids are already more excited than they can handle. I’m sure crowd levels will go up, but that can happen any time there is a holiday, a new attraction, a festival or just a beautiful day in Florida. And crowd levels for some the days in the past month were 8 or 9 or 10 and people still went to the park. We’re still going at a time when the large majority of people simply won’t take their kids out of school so I’m also banking on that.
There is a reason why crowd levels reach as high as a 9 or 10…it’s because…people go to the park!!

And we love Star Wars. Our kid might (literally) pee his pants if he gets to ride the Millennium Falcon. Crowds be damned, we are going!

Maybe I am just trying to talk myself off a ledge here, but it’s happening and I have to embrace it. (I’ll refrain from a “feel the force” reference, even though I really want to say it…) (<-- you see what I did there?)


I am absolutely with you on this . We are going to have a wonderful time.:slight_smile:


I love your attitude about the whole situation!!


Can you self hypnotise?:joy:

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I feel the same way, everything was bought and paid for before the SWGE announcement. I really don’t want to change it. If it is not too, too crazy I will go to SWGE. If it is I will work around it.


haha, I am trying…

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I’m FINALLY with you; was whining/moaning/complaining after SWGE announced and then I said…what the heck - already paid for this trip I had to postpone for a year anyway. I will deal with whatever happens. Tminus 10 on ADR day :slight_smile:


This is exactly where I am. I’ve had a December trip planned for well over a year and I have no intent on changing it. My main goal is to do as many of the Christmas things as possible - especially those in EP. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in SWGE, but if I have to spend 6 hours standing in line or pay some ridiculous up-charge to see it, I’ll pass and catch it on my next trip. If DHS as a whole park is totally crazy, I’ll skip the whole park and have an extra day at a park that I like better anyway. I’ve decided that I will not stress over this, and although I’ll choose park days and make ADRs and FPPs this may be my least planned trip of all time


I think it’s actually the only sensible way to deal with it. You’re going to be there, you might as well enjoy the ride (the metaphorical ride, but also the literal ride!).


This is my attitude…and was my attitude as I was booking the trip just 2 weeks ago!! I know, I must be insane to book knowing about SWGE, but I saw an opportunity for us to go for 10 days at Thanksgiving and I took it. A day in the World is still better than a day out of the World!

I’m finding the opposite here though…I’m creating multiple plans to account for all the unknowns…will there be TSL EMM? An FEA Dessert Party? MK DAH? Will we be able to reserve a time to go to SWGE, or will we have to RD? Do I even want to go to SWGE? So many variables!! Good thing I love to plan!!!


We’re going 30 days after opening and I am just counting on responsible parents (cough, cough, not me) not wanting to take their kids out of school. Middle School and High School kids who are involved in band, drama or sports can’t usually miss school at such a critical time in fall sports, so that’s something to consider.

And honestly, I never see any posts that say, “Crowd level is a 10 for this park …I’m canceling my trip.” The reality is that people show up to the park and see a crowd level 9. And they deal with it. Disney is fairly good at controlling crowds and it sounds like they already have their ideas of how they can limit the crowds by capping the ticket sales.


I’m so happy for you! I, personally, can’t handle crowd levels above 6. I’ve done it and it’s just too much for me. I’m going next week, after Easter, to get crowd levels at 2 - 4 and beat the SWGE crowds.

As much as I’d like to see SWGE & the 50th Anniversary. My wife & I have decided to not go back after this trip until 2022. We want the Tron Coaster & SWGE to both be up and running smoothly.

May the Force Be with You!! =)


With an attitude like that, you can’t go wrong!

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We originally booked for September 24-Oct 1. We are taking (and by that I mean pay for :sweat:) a large group of 10 to travel from Canada to WDW. With 5 children in tow, we wanted low crowds. I wasn’t too worried about Star Wars crowds until I started listing to YouTube videos. I considered moving the trip to Oct 22-30 so I purchased Touring Plans so I could see the crowd predictors. But two months after opening, the crowds look much worse, which isn’t what a lot of other people are saying! Since we have several first timer with us, I really want them to be able to enjoy the Tower of Terror and Rockin Rollercoaster and I am worried about not getting into the park at all Any advice?

We’ll be there nearly the same time (Sept 28 - Oct 6). I’m not worried about SWGE but we’ll play it by ear. We’re AP holders so can hop to another park if things don’t look good. It maybe hard to get into the SWGE land (like it was hard initially to get into Pandora), but not so much other parts of the park.

I don’t think it will be a problem to get onto the Tower of Terror or Rock’N’Roller Coaster. They are on the opposite end of the park so anyone trying to get to SWGE will be going away from there. Grab your FPs for one of the Toy Story rides and those two and all should be good. The existing ride that I’m afraid may be hard to get on is Star Tours.

I’m also more afraid that they added the last Illuminations and the first Epcot Forever during our time. I’ll probably clear out of World Showcase before dusk on those nights.

We have an overlap in our days, nearly the same time and the highest crowd level I see is a 5.

We are going for 6 days and have 5 park days. I plan to go to only 1 park/day. To accommodate swge, i bought 6 day hoppers. 1st time I’ve ever gotten the hopper. That’s the extent of me planning for the crowds.

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I’ve heard people say HS will likely reach capacity, which would be really sad. We plan to avoid the park on the weekends so that should help a bit. You think the new nighttime show in Epcot will draw crowds? It’s just the in-between show until the permanent one I ready so I thought it wouldn’t be that exciting.

I think the new (interim) show will be amazing, and I’m really miffed that I won’t get to see it.

Since it’s celebrating Epcot from the beginning, it’ll probably be using old music sound-tracks from rides like Horizons etc. It’ll appeal to those nostalgic for the old Epcot, as well as being something new.

It looks amazing!