Why can't I buy Genie+?

Merch alert! @Randall1028


Did you stop at guest services and ask? Did you buy Genie+ today? Curious, we will be there in a week and I have read of issues for annual passholders purchasing Genie+. Another forum said if they had regular ticket holders with genie + in their party they could not add Genie+ which is what we will be doing. Was that your scenario? Any updates would be appreciated!

How does Genie+ work with AP? I will have 3 in my party with 7day passes plus me on an old but still valid and never activated pre pandemic purchased AP. We are a long ways out so time to figure out but it sounds awful.

Not sure if the fact that your AP is not activated yet makes a difference but with an annual pass you cannot purchase genie+ until the day you are using it. Some with AP have reported not being able to purchase AP if they had others in the party that had regular tickets, which is our case. We have 6 adults and one child with 6 day tickets with genie+ already purchased. hubby and I have AP’s. Wondering if this was the case with OP and they were able to purchase Genie+ by selecting a genie+ attraction at 7 am, still slows you down a few minutes but could be a work around.