Why can't I buy Genie+?

This is what the screen looks like.

Am I in the wrong place in the app?

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I have already closed and restarted the app. I am about to do the same for the whole phone.


Those are exactly the steps I took to get to the above screen.

sigh… restarting phone

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Others have reported when they have had that issue, if they click on an attraction on the tip board it allows them to purchase. I believe that is at 7.

I has been an AP issue.


That could be it.

Way to suck seconds away from being able to snag LLs and ILLs!!


Boarding starts just before 7am. This is going to be fun to juggle!

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I wanted to use my gift cards for all my expenses, but I may suck it up this morning and charge this to my card in the system since I have a time crunch.

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I did that. It was just easier

So the above process never gave me the option to purchase.

I was able to click on Jungle Cruise at 7:01am and finally purchase.

Jungle Cruise LL for 4:15pm.


And so at 9 you can choose again, right?

… no, at 11am. Two hours after opening.



I cannot get this thing right!


That would actually be a nice perk for onsite guest that Disney could add. Staying on-site, get your G+ selections every 120 mins, starting at 7am. Off site guests need to wait to make their second selection until after tapping into the first selection or 120 mins after park opening, which ever comes first (this is the rules now).


I am shocked that they didn’t make off-site first G+ only allowed at park open.


Me too! Everyone getting to book at 7am is crazy! They are taking away onsite perks. Whats 30 mins extra in the morning? I dont even like RDing.


I think that’s what they did for ILL$
(and I think a number of us initially thought the rule applied to all LLs)


So you couldn’t buy Genie+ until you tried to use it (i.e., selected an attraction)?

I am guessing the reason is purely for flow-of-traffic issues at RD. If everyone, at park open, is fighting to get a G+ reservation, they are blocking the flow of traffic. For a time, this was an issue with obtaining a BG on ROTR.

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Correct. The first screen shot shows how the button is just a purple bar … and it had no link assigned to it.

I will stop at guest services today and ask about it.