Who's in?

My fiance is a HUGE Star Wars fan…the thought of this is intriguing. Since it is a maximum of 6 people, that is $2000/per person for access to basically anything in the parks for 12 hours.

At the risk of getting lambasted for even posting this…Is it insane that I would actually consider this if I could find four other people willing to go in along with us? Rhetorical question but it has been a very bad 6 months for him and I would give anything to make his dream come true (and not have to wait in line for who knows how many hours to do so :wink:).

Oh to be independently wealthy :frowning:

My concern would be, will SW:GE be included?

As it’s being introduced now, you can’t yet book knowing when SW:GE will be open. Even if that turns out to be mid October, (which is the earliest I have seen anyone with inside knowledge and a track record suggest would be possible), this tour wouldn’t be bookable until mid April.

By then I wouldn’t be surprised to see SW:GE specifically excluded. Or included at an additional cost.

That being said, I have no doubt there will be ways to buy access at a cost!

Who’s in on what?

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I did wonder about that too

This: [quote=“DisneyDayDreamin, post:1, topic:54605”]
if I could find four other people willing to go in along with us?

That didn’t work

darn it…in my original post I said I would have to find 4 other people to join the tour with us

What tour?

It’s a new VIP tour, “World of Dreams”

$12K for up to 6 people.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That!

Yes, I saw that posted somewhere else today but have not looked at the specifics.

oh for gosh sakes, I forgot to include the link…ugh, this is why I can’t post while working…I may delete this whole thing and start over when I can include all of the pertinent info :persevere:

It’s there now, thanks to your friend :wink:

thank you @Nicky_S for cleaning up my horrible post lol

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Well I’d seen someone post about it on Mouseowners. So I knew what you were talking about, and found a link. :slightly_smiling_face:

But I couldn’t find it on the WDW site yet.

Oh my goodness. That looks amazing! I would be interested in splitting that with 5 other people!

I told my wife that I needed to start a GoFundMe.

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Funny but when I read the story (on the Disney site) my first thought was how soon a Liner would book it! :sweat_smile:

I can hardly wait for the first trip report.

I would call to find out if Star Wars would be included If they say no or won’t guarantee, then you know.
And yes, I would do it! I
m taking my 2 nephews to the World in December and I’m thinking of doing a VIP day for them, which is not as much, but for one day of everything done beautifully, maybe. Though with Liner guidance I probably don’t need to. But for the new Star Wars, the only way for it to not be insane with be something like a VIP tour, I am guessing.

I would consider it… but only if we can include the option for me to do the Tink zipline (fully costumed, naturally) at night.

I do not insist that it be during park hours.


I just called Disney and they said that anything with a fastpass queue is included in the experience - so SWGE will be included in the tour. This VIP tour will get you front of the line access for all rides. The other cool part is that for a group of 6, you get two guides so if people want to plan a little bit of a different itinerary, you can do that. I am waiting for one of the tour guides to call me back to get even more info but wanted to share what I found out so far! @DumboRunner and @BeckyT13, we’ve got a trip planned in December so if this is really something you would be interested in doing, let me know and I can continue to share the additional info I learn. @MouseGirl42 - I asked about the Tink zipline and got a good laugh from the rep on that one :rofl: