Who's Cancelling/Changing? Late April/Early May 2020

Just trying to figure out other peoples mindsets for their late April/early May trips. The pessimist in me says “no way,” the optimist in me is hopeful, and in reality I have no freaking clue. Some days I cry and other days I’m in total denial. We’ve got DVC points rented and we’re able to change dates up through a 7/31 checkout. So I want to know what are you guys doing? Waiting, changing, cancelling?

I’m planning our mid-may trip just in case something (unlikely) changes course, but I am also working on moving it to fall. Many of the big events and conferences I have been looking forward to that take place May-June including my graduation have been cancelled. I don’t want to hold onto hope without a backup plan because then I’d really be scrambling. This way at least I have a back up in the works

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I haven t cancelled yet, just waiting it out. Like you some days I think it’s not going to happen, then the next I’m checking my fastpasses trying to move them up earlier. Don’t know, it’s crazy. I live in PA and yesterday they ordered all non essential businesses to close. My husband is now laid off, me, I work for a mental health place and still working. See what happens the next couple weeks, stressful!


Mid-May here with a back up trip scheduled in August. We are feeling the same way. I’m keeping an eye on the flights in August and trying to decide our next move. Right now we are waiting. And even if we do decide to switch to August, I’m not cancelling the May trip to see if the parks stay closed. Then my tickets will hopefully be extended.

Edit: well we just bumped back to October. The reports on the heat in August were scaring me. :grimacing:


I actually checked my fast passes today and all the big ones were still completely booked. So I would interpret that as people haven’t started cancelling or changing yet. That sucks about your husband’s job, the number of lay offs is unreal right now. All I know is at the end of this we’re all going to need a whole lot of Disney magic.

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I looked into switching our flights today, just out of curiosity and to see what was available. $34 one way per person :joy: what in the world? I’ve been seeing all the memes about airline prices, but actually seeing it on their website is mind boggling.

We are booked at Pop for May 5-9. I just checked Fastpasses for first time this week and was able to move 5pm-6pm tier 1s to around noon each day. So I guess people have started cancelling their early May trips. I’m going to hold out and see what happens.

We are scheduled to go April 24-May 2nd. I haven’t cancelled yet but most likely will. With hearing that flight travel credits will possibly be extended until June of 2021, I feel more comfortable cancelling and rescheduling for late April 2021. It sucks because we were so close, had great fast passes and now have to push it back an entire year. This is my girls’ first Disney trip and I want it to be something we all enjoy, not be paranoid about catching a potentially life threatening virus. I fear having to tell them the trip isn’t happening next month though. :sob:

We are scheduled for Easter but moving it to early August. Our fast passes arrived this week and I didn’t even open the box. :cry:

I still have my room only reservation for late April-early May booked. Not holding out much hope but figure there is no harm in waiting and canceling at least 5 days prior…and tickets are through Southwest so also preparing to cancel those last minute

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Our trip is May 15th. I am still optimistic, but its waining. The 15 day slow down, could become 30 days and then another 15 to 30 for disney to open up. Im starting to think may 15th is cutting it tight.

The more i watch the news the less optimistic i am. Its depressing.

I have an end of May trip booked. Can’t make myself cancel it yet. Fastpass day next week. I’ll still book them, if anything for practice.

I booked a November backup trip. And will keep hoping for a miracle!

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Like @KLo4, I have a trip around the same time. I will of course cancel it if I’m told to. However, the virus is having a crushing blow on the mental health of my family. We each have our own professionals to talk to, but thinking and talking about our trip with each other is a major coping tool, even if it ends up only a fantasy. :peace_symbol: everyone.

We’re supposed to go 5/15-5/23 and I’m feeling pretty pessimistic about it. I’m moving forward with all the planning but also have a backup trip booked for October.

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Hi, same boat as you , booked April 27- May 4, I think there is no way they open up then but who knows, not canceling yet just in case, but most likely will due something later this year, be safe all.

I was booked to arrive April 21. I hadn’t canceled yet, simply out of denial. It seems that Disney has canceled for me. I noticed a credit on my credit card this morning. Checked My Disney Experience and the reservations are gone. Anyone else seeing anything like this? Did I miss an announcement of the closure being extended?

Another weird thing is that I do not have all of my refunds from trips canceled in March. We had several short trips planned since our DD was in the Disney College Program which is why I had several stays planned.

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Late May here and losing faith. Not canceling, but planned a back up in late July. FP day is in a few days and it makes me sick to think about getting up early to book them for a trip I doubt will happen…

Not Disney related, but the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs announced it is closing for the first time in its 100+ year history… For 2 months! Things like this are making me feel like late May is in big jeopardy.

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Hmmm…my April 10 trip is still showing in MDE.

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It’s just me. I must have canceled and just don’t remember. The trauma of canceling all of my Disney trips has caused my mind to block the memories, either that or I’ve just lost my mind all together. Either is possible :joy:


I think it is quite understandable given the craziness right now.