Who owns the rights to your WDW vacation pictures? You or Disney?

I find the Olivier version odd. He comes across to me more as emotionally detached than indecisive and/or possibly going crazy.

I loved the Gibson version when it came out, much more physical character. Branagh is always good.



This is amazing. Next time you visit London buy tickets for The Globe in London. http://www.shakespearesglobe.com

The performances and atmosphere are brilliant.


I wonder how this applies to people you are posting on Youtube and have ads?

we think of that occasionally…i’m guessing they could shut them down any time they wanted…but Disney basically has people producing hundreds of “ads” for them for free and are getting hundreds of thousands of people to watch them every day…not a bad deal in my eyes

I know some of the bigger youtube accounts often mention that they are comped tickets to special events and dining experiences, which I can only imagine is to get more content on youtube

Kenneth Branagh version is the best, and the entire play. Mel Gibson’s version is abridged.


Oh I didn’t know you could buy that, I love David Tennant! I saw it recently on BBC4 (I think) with Andrew Scott, that was ace.

You should have been flattered the Walmart employee asked to speak to your mom!!

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