Who is canceling and who is rebooking?

With the newly announced closure to WDW, who has a trip that is being affected? Are you rebooking? For when? I am sad for all of you that are affected. It is the safest thing to do, but I can only imagine the disappointment.

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We have a trip booked mid-May. We are staying the course for now. I’m hoping the parks are open by then.


We are the beginning of May. I am really hoping for the best, but still feeling terrible for everyone so far who is being forced to change plans.

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Our trip is late April and we’re pushing it to late September.

ETA, we’ll be spending our time off from school adding 200 links to my daughters paper chain countdown :joy:


We were supposed to leave on 3/28.

Our airfare only allows rebooking and tickets are only good in 2020 (military) so we’re going in October.

Our trip is 4/3-4/11, switching to Universal halfway through the week. We booked SSR via timeshare exchange on RCI, so I lose the money and the points. RCI is cruel that way. Everything else, including our SW flights, can be changed to a later date. I think we will rebook for early July.

We were supposed to arrive on Sunday, leaving to drive down tomorrow. :sob: Our travel agent called us half an hour ago. She’s going to try to rebook us for August. Haven’t really even had time to process. Our daughters are so disappointed. It was supposed to be a 16th birthday trip for my oldest.

The only silver lining is that at least we found out before starting the drive.

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We were supposed to go on March 20th. I’ve been trying to call the reservations line for hours now to figure out our options and have not been able to get through.

I don’t go until April 17. In a holding pattern. At least, it’s a timeshare booking, can change/cancel flight if needed for no fee up to 24 hours prior (if canceled, would be travel credit) and it was my 4th trip with the AP. So while it would be disappointing, at least not losing much money. :crossed_fingers: Hoping it’s closed for no more than 2-4 weeks.

We were supposed to arrive this Saturday 3/14. So many tears from my twins. We’ve been planning for a year; we’re all very sad. Rented DVC points, have date specific park tickets, and non-refundable plane tickets. Almost don’t know where to start. We’d like to re-book for June, but thinking availability will be zero :cry:

No clue yet. Would have left 3/21. Just had a family meeting. Devastated. :cry:

I were supposed to arrive 3/22 and were staying at CSR (tower room–I was so excited) and then switching to Portofino to do a few days at Universal. We’ve canceled the flights and Disney portion. Will work on canceling Universal next (unfortunately the tickets are not refundable–they are military tickets).
We already had trips in April and June scheduled. I haven’t canceled those yet.

I was going to see my DD in the college program on March 24. I had Riviera booked with the great Disney Visa offer that came out a while ago. I was so excited to try it! I doubt I’ll get that price again. I’m still booked at ASMovies for my trip to visit her in April. I’ll probably try to upgrade my hotel in April with the saved money from March and hope that I make it there. I want to see my kid!

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Man, sucks for all impacted, but not surprising given the way the last 48 hrs has went.

We are late may, staying course for now, but thinking we may have to just cancel. Kids are out of school for 3 weeks, if they extend the school year, we would be impact regardless. So many unknowns now.

Ugh, I just realized that to push us back to fall I’ll have to buy actual plane tickets for my toddlers since they’ll turn 2 and can’t be lap infants anymore. Of course they will still sit in my lap the whole time :roll_eyes:

Between that and not being able to get the same discount we will probably have to change resorts to make up the cost.

So many people are impacted by this! I’m glad to see so many rebooking and look forward to excitement over new countdowns. We are rescheduling a spring break FL trip (not to Disney) but unsure of when to rebook. Hard to predict if this will be a shutdown for weeks or months??

Re-booking for June, availability doesn’t seem to be an issue. A little worried that it’s too soon. And worried about the heat. The non-refundable flights were easy to change, I hadn’t realized that the airlines are now waiving fees for any existing bookings from now until end of April. Hoping Disney waives park ticket change fees. Anyone know what the DVC point rental places are doing? Going to call the TA tomorrow.

Here is the reply that I received from DVC Rental Store when I inquired earlier today what our options were (this was before the closure was announced in the evening). We have a points rental in late May.

We understand your concern about the effects of the Coronavirus. Many are concerned, and this has led to much speculation about potential resort and theme park closures. At this time the theme parks and resorts are fully operational, and Disney has released a statement to address the precautions they are taking to help ensure the health and safety of their guests.

This does remain a fluid situation but, until Disney shuts down their resorts at Walt Disney World, all terms and conditions set forth in the Rental Agreement are still in place. The resort accommodations that you have secured are still available for you.

Any adult on the reservation can check in to the resort regardless if you, the Lead Guest, are present.

If you personally decide not to travel or are unable to travel, and you have purchased our “Cancel for Any Reason” Point Protection Plan, we will reimburse you as set forth in the Point Protection Plan. If you did not purchase our “Cancel for Any Reason” Point Protection Plan, there will be no refund or credit provided by The DVC Rental Store.

If you do need to cancel the trip and have purchased third party travel insurance, please contact that travel insurance company directly to determine what is covered by your policy. Sometimes the credit card which you used to purchase your flight, etc may provide compensation for travel disruption. We are also happy to provide any documentation to verify your purchase if need be.

We are supposed to check in to the Poly on 3/27 and check out on 3/31, then heading to an off-property resort until 4/5. We honestly don’t know WHAT to do!

UPDATE: We rebooked for the 2nd week in October! No Disney travel agent rate for a Poly studio at that time. Still got a TA rate for a basic room at Yacht Club for last 3 nights and 2BR at Vistana I-4 (Marriott travel agent rate) for the first 4 nights. Luckily, the kids will only be missing 3.5 days of high school. We’ve never been there with Halloween decorations up! Hoping Space 220 will be open as well!

I’m pretty sure that WDW will give you leeway on the date specific park tickets and possibly DVC. And airlines have been a lot more generous than normal. Take a deep breath: you’ve got this. It just might take some long phone calls to sort it all out.