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Ok as said in my previous post, we booked a stay at Beach Club. My TA has suggested Gran Destino Club Level, which has peaked my interest. I’m currently watching videos.

I haven’t figured out the poll option, but would you rather an Epcot resort or a Club Level stay at Gran Destino? I’m leaning on walk to two parks and pool, duh. But 90 day Fast Pass…

This is a tough one! I can see why you’re torn.

Who is going?
What is the focus of your trip?

I visited Gran Destino during my January trip. I did not stay there, but I fell immediately in love with it and definitely have plans to stay there eventually.

But it doesn’t have on-foot or skyliner access to two parks, and an array of amazing dining venues minutes from your room

It would really depend on what kind of trip you’re planning

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This is a tough question. Our last trip, we stayed at Gran Destino Club level for 4 nights and then 2 at the Swan over NYE. I am not sure I can go to WDW without the Club Level FPP anymore, it was just too awesome. Plus the club itself is gorgeous (as is the entire tower), the rooms are large, having breakfast every morning was so nice- with 6 pre-planned FPP a day in multiple parks, there is no longer a need to rope drop. It was fantastic. I would rent a car if you stay at CSR though, we do that anyway so it wasn’t a big deal. Drove to all parks except MK where we took a Lyft. We have stayed at Beach Club and Boardwalk as well as Dolphin and Swan, and while I loved them all and the location, I might have loved Gran Destino more.


This is definitely a tough call. I am struggling right now because I just can’t fit Gran Destino into my next trip. We are currently planning to stay YC/BC for 4 nights (promised kids we would check out the pool), WL or Poly for 3 nights (want to try an MK resort), and AKL for 5 nights (our first stay with our points!).

I really wish GD had easier access to at least one park. That would make it a no-brainer. It is so beautiful. I just love the decor. The views from the CL lounge are stunning too.

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I echo pretty much everything here!! Only difference is the second part of our stay was BWI instead of Swan.

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I am literally deciding between these 2 exact choices as well for my Adult- Only 2021 trip! Interested to hear what everyone says.

I keep officially declaring BEACH CLUB! I want to walk to Epcot and like the idea of the boardwalk location… and then the idea of Club Level and those Fast Passes creep in and I go back to being undecided.

If you are trying to avoid rope dropping, those extra FPs are key!


I have stayed at both. If you’re thinking you’re going to replace meals with the club level food, I suggest looking at the type of food served at the Gran Destino club level. We easily found breakfast, but not lunch or dinner …the food options just didn’t appeal to us. DS LOVED the snack and late night options. And even though they didn’t have chocolate milk in the cooler, whenever they saw him coming, they went into the back to get him one. The rooms are wonderful and we very much enjoyed our stay there and would do it again. I just wouldn’t count on the club level food for meals like I had thought.

That all being said, my favorite resort is Beach Club. I love everything about it - the smell of the lobby, the amazing pool, the walk to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. That would be my choice.

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We eat love being able to walk to the WS in EPCOT and the Rose and Crown is my (peanut allergic) son’s favorite place to eat in the world (real and Disney). This is why we always stay at the Boardwalk (although we are branching out in April).

Ok. I’m weird. I don’t care for towers. :frowning:

So it’s Epcot resorts all day long.

It’s cause we are the 2 smartest (or dumbest) Liners ever! :rofl: I don’t know which, but I’m going with smartest!

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I think Gran Destino worked perfectly for us with the food, as we only planned to eat breakfast there and also hit the late night options. I had ADRs for most lunches and dinners as we love table service at WDW. I was afraid it would be too much food with ADRs and CL food, but it worked out well.

@OBNurseNH - Who is going, DH, DS15 and DD12. Our last trip was a one and only trip, but I talked DH into going again. :slight_smile: This trip will be more relaxed, not having to get it all done. We are not doing a dining plan and will probably just hang out a resort on arrival day. If we are at BC, that should be perfectly fine with lots to do. My plans so far involve one EP and two HS days. So just with that it makes more sense to stay at a resort in that area.

@Wahoohokie - The FPP is so tempting! I looked at the rooms and they look very modern, clean, new and corporate. Our last trip we stayed at CR and we did miss having some sort of theme.

@kerrilux - That is one thing that is getting me is the proximity to parks, although we were thinking of CSR anyway, but that’s a lower price point.

@Laura_hastings - That’s what my mind is screaming also. Especially where my kids are older and DS and DD could go back to the resort if they were over DH and I hanging out at World Showcase. They were not fans of it last time. They both declared HS their favorite park and we will plan two days there for this trip. If we have to go early for a BG, then I think it just would be easier to walk there than depend on Uber. Note, we had no issues at all with Uber our last trip.

@kerrilux - Plan for two PPO and one arrival at park at opening. Both HS plans are for later in the day unless we have to do BG. It’ll be interesting to see how that is handled with what’s going on now.

@FindMeAFishingSpot - If we do choose GD, I would have to redo my plans and I think mostly just breakfast for club level food. Which reminds me then I don’t know if we would have time to experience the Boardwalk, like I wanted to.

@DisneyDad28 - I would prefer BW location, but DD is being dramatic with the clown pool.

@janamelia - The shear size of the moderate resort put off DH and I as we were watching videos this weekend. I just finished a video of the tower. DH usually travels a lot for work. I don’t think he will want to go to a work hotel on vacation.

How’s the pool at Gran Destino? Our vacations, including Disney, are mostly about “the pool”. Can we go back to the hotel to swim? Seriously, everyday on our last Disney trip and our last two vacations. I know my kids will love concierge level, but will they want more FP and free food or the pool more? I have lots of pool time planned if we stay at an Epcot area resort and I don’t know if we will get a that if we stay elsewhere with the travel times.

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There you go then.

With kids in tow, and an EP/HS heavy stay, I think you need to be at BC


Even with all the GDCL love, this post made it clear we need to stay at BC, especially for the pool. Thanks for being a voice of reason, lol!

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How did you find getting around the tower/resort? Was it a pain to get to the bus stations? Was it a long walk to the pool (and how was the pool if you used it)? Did you take the buses and how was that experience?

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Until tomorrow when you think about those Fast Passes again :rofl::rofl::rofl:


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So true. :rofl: I have a few days to go back and forth though!

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Or most spoiled!! I was looking at the dropping resale prices for DVC this weekend and, as much as I love the idea of more points, I think I love club level more!! I told my husband that if we did get more points I’d probably want to use them for grand villas and cabins so we could still get those 90 day FPs :money_mouth_face:

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