Which of these bags do you like better?

Hi there!

As many of you know, we started our very own travel agency here at TouringPlans. Since it is our inaugural year, we wanted to give a special gift to everyone that books between our start a few months ago and the end of 2021. We’ve decided on a good-quality bag that can be used in the parks or on any vacation. What we can’t decide on is the style, so let me know which of these you like better:

  1. 3 - This is a small backpack with two pockets and two water bottle holders

  2. 2020-12-03 - This is a sling bag with two pockets and one water bottle holder

Both would be emblazoned with the TouringPlans name so we can spot you in the parks :slight_smile:

Let me know which one you like better and if you’re interested in a quote head over to the TouringPlans travel division!


Although I usually have a backpack I don’t care for that backpack (it looks too square for me) so I vote #2.

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Backpack all the way. #1.

I like #1 better. :wink:

Personal preferences will prevail. I think #1 will fit more and work better but I don’t care for its boxy look and would pick #2 instead.

I like the sling bag!

For parks, 2. I have a backpack style that is smaller like a sling which is great. And I never use both straps. Basically just use it like a sling bag.

I have carried both styles multiple times in the parks. I find the sling bags much easier to access and more convenient. I have to stop to take backpacks off to get in the compartments. The sling bag is easily accessible while walking or in lines by rotating the bag. Can also take a seat without taking it off.


I am more of a backpack person. I do not understand sling bags - they always cut into my neck. I personally do not think they work well for…more well-endowed women.


… can we order one even if we don’t book a trip through you? We’re DVC, but I’d love a new sling bag, especially if it reps TP!


I vote for the sling bag.

The backpack looks good, but I’d be using it as a carry-on bag on the transatlantic flight, not for the parks. The sling bag will hold a poncho / cover up, sunscreen etc. I don’t need a proper back pack in the parks.

I can’t ever get a sling bag to “sling” correctly. (Which is unfortunate as I love Kavu bags.) So my vote would be #1 and a more traditional backpack. Plus two water bottle holders is always better than one.


Seems really split - any thoughts to offer a choice? I find folks really like either one or the other and there isn’t much crossover.

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I vote for #2. But more so, I vote that this should have been a survey that we could have voted on.


Sling bag.

oh yes!!! GREAT idea… so much easier :wink:

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#1 for me. Back pack and 2 water bottle holders. Although the sling may be more ideal for UOR and the small lockers.

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I will just echo what @PrincipalTinker said about the backpack being too rectangular. A more rounded top would be better.

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I vote for #1

I bought a sling bag for our last trip to WDW and we ended up hating it. It’s difficult to use and became seriously uncomfortable after a while. YYMV