Which Lightning Lanes skip great queue theming?

Similar questions have been asked here before but (I think) not since G+/ILL came into play. Another way to ask it…

Which WDW queues are so good that they’re worth the standby line?

For instance…I’m not sure where the LL spits you into the Rise of the Resistance queue, but if it brings you straight to the pre-show, you’re missing a good chunk of the immersive experience. Worth the rope drop.

On the other hand…as much as I love Haunted Mansion, the interactive queue doesn’t seem as integral to the ride to me. So, probably skip-worthy on a busy day IMO.

I’m headed to WDW soon for the first time in 30ish years and would hate to skip anything great, so I’d appreciate any insight here.

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Peter Pan’s Flight, for sure.


I, personally, could skip the queue of SDD and RNR.

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Good to know! Thank you.

I’ve just made our next trip reservations. So, I’m back to videos and forums, trying to figure out the Genie+LL. While I’m watching these, I’m thinking of queues we would will want to skip.
The last two trips we missed the little magical things in Peter Pan’s Flight, like Tinkerbell flitting about and playing with the bell shadows. 1st time we used FP+, the 2nd it was not working bc of COVID protocols. (I could be wrong) But, this time we won’t have a group that I need to balance fun kiddie with thrilling teen.

Looking at rides available for LL and ILL, I think skipping the following would be fine for us…(“Us” being two adults this trip)

MK: Buzz, Small World, PC, Pooh, Little Mermaid, SM (just not into the space stuff)
HS: RNR, SDD, Star Tours
EP: Figment, MS (just didn’t intrigue me), Living with the Land, Soarin, Spaceship Earth, The Seas

Many of the others, I still find neat little things that I missed before, or I haven’t been able to see the pre-shows. And, some are going to be the same in either line, ex: Magic Carpets, there is no pre-show, just lines.

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For me the only one that blows me away is PPF. And at least once if it’s ever open again the interactive cemetery outside Haunted Mansion and if you have littles the playground at Dumbo and the interactive areas of WTP. 7DMT has one cute play area but not worth it as much as the others to me. BTMR has some fun interactive games in line. But absolutely none of that minus maybe PPF for me is worth waiting in a line over 15 min. And PPF I still wouldn’t wait 30min+ for it. But if you do it during Early Entry or Evening hours.

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RotR you’ll miss absolutely nothing of importance. You come in at the BB8/Rey room.

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I have never seen the queue for PPF; we’ve always used FP or when they used to have EMM. This is one of my goals when we hopefully use the extended evening hours this coming June! :blush:


You don’t actually skip anything in the SpaceM LL queue, since it is entirely parallel to the regular queue. You will just walk past it all faster.


Highly possible I confused this with another ride…Ok, entirely true, I did. :laughing:

This is super-helpful, thank you. I remember feeling immersed in the Pirates queue as a kid so I’ll want to see that one. And I’m a sucker for the space stuff. Only adults on my trip, so I imagine my list will end up being similar.

PPF seems to be the overall winner. I hear that a lot. Which is great, because it sure wasn’t much 30 years ago. And I’m a huge HM fan but am ambivalent about the queue…it seems cool but tips the cards too far on what you’ll see inside IMO. Either way, I hadn’t thought it might not be running. This is all great to know. Thank you!

It wasn’t up when I was there in January (but I rode it during early entry so they may have opened it later in the day). This is HM, I’m speaking of. PPF did have you walk thru the regular queue during early entry (though I didn’t see Tink flying around though that may have been because we walked through so fast…I think its intermittent)

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I got to see this one in Anaheim (I miss the virtual queue already) and as a Star Wars nerd I really enjoyed it. Felt like it slowly dialed up the knob that told you what you were walking into, with lots of great uniforms/equipment/etc and a few easter eggs. But, like you say, nothing crucial. And less of a must-see if the line is well over an hour.

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Yeah, I’ve done that line in DLR and WDW many times. I loved the fact that I walked straight into the BB8 room this last time. Literally walked right into it with zero wait.

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This is GREAT to know. It wasn’t much but I remember little touches throughout that immersed you in the role playing, like a decontamination hallway, vehicle schematics, etc. I can’t imagine it’s the exact same 30 years later, but hopefully there’s more to it than the underwhelming (IMO) Disneyland SM queue? Either way, happy I won’t miss it should I need to splurge on an ILL.

I got to do that after it broke down mid-ride earlier in the day. There really is nothing like walking straight on that one!

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