Which character breakfast?

1900 PF or Trattoria al Forno

Have never been to either but read good things about both. Looking for a fun different character meal with good food.

We are not too difficult to please really–we have really enjoyed CRT (dinner), Akershus (breakfast), GG (breakfast), and TH (lunch/dinner) and liked CM (breakfast) while H&V (lunch) and CP (dinner) were meh.
Kids will range from 7-17 on next trip.

Hard to compare. They’re both a lot of fun. You won’t leave hungry from either.
1900 - buffet with mad hatter (hilarious!), Mary poppies, Alice in wonderland.
Trattoria - partial family style/entree. princesses with Flynn rider and prince Eric.

I would pick based on which characters I wanted to see and also which theme park I was going to. If Epcot then choose trattoria. If mk, choose 1900.

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I wrote a review of the character breakfast at Trattoria al Forno here, if that helps you decide.

Good review. It was very helpful.

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We have enjoyed both. Both have great character interaction (particularly Mad Hatter and then Flynn and Eric). I like Trattoria because it isn’t a buffet.


I’ve eaten both and Bon Voyage is my favorite character meal anywhere. The food isn’t typical buffet fare. Although, of the buffets we’ve eaten 1900 is the best breakfast one in my opinion. The dining room is smaller so the characters don’t rush/race from table to table. Prince Eric and Flynn Rider are hilarious!

What is Bon Voyage?

Bon Voyage is a relatively new character meal breakfast at Trattoria al Forno in the Boardwalk Hotel:

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Which characters are there?

Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Ariel, and Prince Eric - here’s a review from the blog:

I have only heard rave reviews…

Thanks! We have a princess crazy 5 yr old and have done both CRT and Akershus. Maybe we will try this in Jan on our next trip!