Bon Voyage Breakfast Review

I booked a 10:25 Bon Voyage Breakfast at Trattoria on our MNSSHP day so we could sleep in and have a big brunch. I have the Reservation Finder to thank for scoring that res, since I forgot about this character meal when I made my 180 ADRs.

We checked in about 10 minutes early, and then we waited about 20 or 25 minutes for our table. We only showed up early because I was unsure about how long it would take to drive there, park, and walk to the restaurant. The hostess was rude to us regarding DD10’s age (she was nine when I made the reservation). See this other thread if you want details about the age thing: Nine turning ten I was just about to get annoyed about the wait for a table when they called our name.

The quality of the food varied. The pastries were mostly very good. I loved the chocolate pastry twist. We cut ourselves off after sampling a few and had the rest boxed up. We had them for breakfast in our hotel room the next day. DH ordered the entree with salmon, and he said it was processed salmon, not a whole salmon filet. It was more like what you’d put on a bagel. He was a bit disappointed. I ordered the Shipwreck al Forno, which was a breakfast calzone. It was served with a metal trident stuck in it for presentation, but then the server immediately demanded it back. I assumed that people were stealing them or something? It was a little odd. However, the dish itself was delicious and filling. DD10 and DD7 both ordered pancakes, and they both liked them. I commandeered a couple bites, and they were good, but I think I would get sugar overload if I ate the whole thing.

Character interactions were excellent. The characters took a decent amount of time at each table. This did stretch things out a bit time-wise, but we had nowhere we needed to be for several hours, so we were OK with this. I would not do this meal if you are on a deadline. The kids prepared questions for the princes and brought small gifts for the princesses to facilitate conversation. I highly recommend doing this if you want the interaction to be more than just a photo. I read a tip somewhere to ask Flynn what’s in his satchel, so DD7 did, and he opened it for her. Rapunzel’s crown is in there, but he only shows you if you ask. DD10 asked Prince Eric if Ariel talks more (now that she can)(we didn’t know what else to ask him). I also saw a tip to bring Ariel a fork (a “dinglehopper”), so we did that, and she made a big deal about it and showed other tables. It was cute. DD7 also decided to give Rapunzel a hairbrush, so we found one at the souvenir store just down the boardwalk. I had forgot to pack one, so they saved my butt. DD7 was upset with me. Anyway, Rapunzel made a huge deal about the hairbrush. She let DD7 brush her hair, and she ran over and showed Flynn and the character manager. We could see kids at other tables desperately searching in their bags for something to give her when she came to their table. :smiley: It was really fun.

Overall Bon Voyage was a good experience. The character interactions were great, and they spent more than a token amount of time with you if you talk to them. The food varied, but there were certainly good options available. It was very filling, and we didn’t eat again until dinner. The meal was time-consuming, so be sure to schedule it when you have at least 90-120 minutes to devote to it.


Thank you so much for this review! I’ve been debating whether or not to try for this character meal and this was really helpful!

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I’ve been interested in this character meal and have recently been looking through the options for candlelight processional dinning packages. Does anyone know if breakfast here counts for the package? I can only find prices for lunches/dinners when I look up the event.

Nice review.

Just out of interest though, what was DH expecting for “smoked salmon”. Coming from the land of smoked salmon, that is exactly what it is, the pre-sliced pink smoked fish. I would be hugely disappointed and surprised not to get that and would have asked for something else instead! Just wondering what he thought it was - like a smoked kipper maybe (but that’s herring, not salmon).

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I don’t know. I’m not a fish eater. Maybe he didn’t read the menu carefully? I know he’s had smoked salmon that was more of a eat it with a fork kind of thing, but this is not my thing at all.

Thanks for the review! We will be doing this character breakfast next May!

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