Where to get info on park hour changes?

What is the best way to stay updated on changes to park hours? We will be at HS on 2/20, and currently the hours are 9-8. Hoping they will open earlier, and if so I’d love to try to modify our FPP times. Is there a way to get an alert?

Do you have a trip set up on your Touring Plans dashboard? Do you have the app? When I have a trip I get an email when either hours or predicted crowd levels change and I will have a red alert on the home page of the app.

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I have a trip set up, so I get emailed messages about changes, but not the app. I’ll try that so I can get an alert right away!

It can be delayed by several hours. Disney World’s website will be the first place you will see the change, so I would recommend checking regularly.

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I personally rely on the alerts here. I’m Also on the forum regularly and someone usually posts if a major hours change is announced.


Yep, that is how I snagged SDD FP two nights ago for our trip next week!

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No way to set up a text notification, right? Like you get when the site finds a dining reservation?

For park hour changes you really don’t need an instant alert.

FPs are usually added between 24 and 72 hours after the park hours change, so once you get an email you can then start checking for extra times.

Occasionally they will add the FPs in sooner, but I’ve never known it be quicker than around 12 hours. Which reminds me, I must set up some more fake reservations in my dashboard. :crazy_face:


FPs for SDD were added immediately after the HS openings changed to 7 am for the 1/27 - 2/2 dates.


I saw that reported in a few places !

Wow! I stand corrected.

It hasn’t been normal practice over the last couple of years at least.

And what time of day was that? Just trying to know best times to check as I’m in the same position as the OP.

I was checking the Disney World website quite obsessively every day. It was right around 2pm Alaska time. So 6 pm East coast. But i wouldn’t say that it is a standard.

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Everyone on this chain saw the hours updates for February, right? Anyone get new FPP before 2/19?

It looks like new TSM And RNRC are up, but no ASS, SDD or ToT

What’s interesting is I only see:

TSM - 8:15 and 8:45
RNR - 8:20 and 8:30

Is it possible they are not dropping very many 8-9 FP’s after park hour changes and if that’s the case, could it also be possible they already dropped SDD FP’s and others snatched them up. I found out about the park change around 3:45 PM yesterday and have checked every 1-5 minutes from 4PM - 9PM, checked about every 30 minutes from 9PM to 1AM, every 2 hours from 1AM to 7AM, and am back to every 1 to 5 minutes now that I’m awake.

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Since there’s also no star tours, TOT or ASS I’m ‘assuming’ they just haven’t yet. I’ve also been checking pretty obsessively. I think there’s quite a few of us doing that, so I think if they did come up at least one of us would have hit them! My day on the 3rd expanded do a 7am open, so there should be 2h of FPs - my thought is they’ve got to come soon :slight_smile:


Interesting Mandy - my day on 2/4 is still 8AM. Disney - what are you doing to us?

If a SDD drops, is your plan to get around 7:30AM in order to give you enough time to RD TSM?

I know, they had previously changed the 1st and 2nd to 7am along with the January dates… so I waiting for the 3rd. For some reason they did 7 on the 3rd (a Monday), but then the rest 8am. I don’t really get it. I’m happy they did my day all in one though - so I don’t have to keep stalking to watch for another change lol

Sorry I just noticed the second part. I am going to try to get as early SDD as possible, then try to RD TSM and ASS, then go straight to my SDD FP


If you got a 7AM SDD, do you think you could do TSM and ASS within an hour?

Current TSM wait on MDE is 50 minutes. ASS is 25 minutes.

This is my family’s first Disney trip, so I am by no means an expert. With my HS 8AM opening, I moved my TSM FP from 9:30 AM to 8:25 AM to give myself 90 minutes for SDD/ASS and will do the same if I get SDD.

Any thoughts?