"Where in the World" photo game

You got me! :face_with_raised_eyebrow::laughing:

Kali River Rapids queue?

The handle thingies look elephant-ee… and is it sitting on carpet? AKL???

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It is in HS…

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I thought this will either be obvious or impossible.

It’s in a queue in another park.

Hmm. MMRR?

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It is on carpet.

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Bingo. It’s just when you enter the building.


When you said it was HS, the only place I could imagine this was in the Chinese Theatre. But I can’t honestly say I’ve actually seen it there!

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It’s off to the right almost immediately after you walk in. It really seems out of place and like a GMR leftover that was too big to move.

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OH! Speaking of GMR and hidden things. There is apparently a Great Moving Ride poster and mailbox with ‘No place like home’ on it inside MMRR as an homage to GMR. Also a CM told me there is a crab in every scene of MMRR. I only saw 1, but I thought that was a neat fact.


That’s weird…I didn’t see Donald Duck…


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Is that an homage to GMR too? I can’t think of what crabs have to do with Hollywood … oh wait. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOL! I didn’t know either, but now that you say that…

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Me reading this:

“What? Really? Wow, Tell me Tell me………… oh………ok”

Ha! I thought it had to be a resort or a restaurant

Well done @LTinNC82

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