"Where in the World" photo game

What makes it funnier is she’s probably seen it a dozen times and I just blindly guessed because the art looked like something from the contemporary.

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Actually that was my methodology as well :wink:

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C’mon @OBNurseNH that last picture was for you

Oh! I was following runners. Hadn’t been back here. Off to see!

Entrance to sacred space!!! :smiley:

I knew you would know

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The boiler room of ToT



Awesome…how about this one.

Skipper Canteen?


Hint: in a park

Looks like a Sarlac. Could it be Batuu?

I know I just saw this, I just can’t remember where.

Yes it is in black spire outpost…here is a wider shot.

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That looks like a Rathtar from Force Awakens!

Do you want me to narrow it down any further for the location? Or is black spire close enough…

I’m actually curious where it is so I can check it out when I get there.

Ok. It is at MFSR. Once you exit the falcon and go down the stairs, it is tucked away in one of the corners.