Where in the world is heidelj?

I may not be in WDW, but that won’t stop me from getting Dole Whip!

And I’d be lying if I said it was the only one I had today!


The Dole plantation in Hawaii?
The St Louis Zoo?

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Sadly, I’m not in Hawaii. Not St. Louis either. But I’m in the midwest.

Never heard of it, but there’s one in my state! It’s 86 miles away from me at the moment.

Some small town in Arkansas (I think…or Missouri?) that has a really great (but extraordinarily hot) hiking trail, and then you go to this ice cream cart in some random shopping center parking lot that has rave reviews on Yelp and discover Dole whip for the first time and it tastes amazing???

Racking my brain for where that was…


Hawaiian Bros restaurant?
Or, I saw a random dole whip outdoor place (kind of like a shaved ice little place) in Springfield, MO. One of those?


I am not in Arkansas or Missouri

Nope, never heard of it

Wisconsin Dells

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Dari-land in Wooster, OH

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Wow, if that’s not the one we went to, it’s the same set up! Nice work!

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I’m not at the Dells, and for some reason, I’ve never been!

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Not in Ohio.

Let’s see if this bad clue helps:

Taken while waiting in line this morning.

Me either, and I live in MN for a l o n g time.

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Is that Chicago area?

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Yes! It is Indiana

Googled MONON :wink: Why are you there? What exciting things does Indiana hold for travelers?

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