When did your Magic Bands arrive?

I am taking my family to WDW for the first time on May 29th and my Magic Bands still haven’t shipped as of today, May 13th. The arrival of our Magic Bands is kind of a big deal to my 4 and 7 year olds. I called Disney and told the CM we are 16 days from our trip and MDE still shows they have not shipped. She said not to worry as they usually ship 2 weeks out. Is that right?? What has your experience been?

Oh sorry! My trip starts June 5th and we got our bands on Saturday. Mine had a post office tracking number. I hope they come soon!

Yes! My May and June Facebook Liner buddies are all receiving theirs too :sob::sob:

It should be about 30 days before. Phone again!!

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That’s so disappointing, especially for a first trip. Maybe they’ll ship soon. :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

Well that’s a bummer. I kept updating/customizing my MBs and they kept disappearing from MDE. Instead of calling, i used the chat notification…they can even get into your account via chat. Last CM I chatted with was able to fix it FOR GOOD.

I think ours shipped right around the 30 day mark. This would make me nervous.

@Laura_hastings I arrive on the 27th and I got my band late last week. I received a notification in MDE that they had shipped a few days before that. Is there any info in you MDE account about the status of your bands?

Oh, for the love! I just called again and was told my husband’s magic band hadn’t been customized yet and so the order was pending. I customized them months ago, so I guess something glitched at some point and I just didn’t know that was even an issue. I wish my Travel Agent would have noticed that when I asked her about my Bands 3 weeks ago. I wish the CM who I spoke with last week would have caught it as well.

Hopefully they will get to us in time…

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It should only be a couple of days once the ship.

Did he pick grey? For some reason a lot of the time it no longer picks up grey as having been customised.


Yes. The cast member explained that even if you pick gray (or GREY for you :wink: ), you still have to choose it and click SAVE. But I did do that months ago. I guess it did what you said and didn’t pick it up as having been customized. I hope they customize quickly and ship out! Thank you so much for urging me to phone again!


Another day another glitch… I’m glad they’re sorting it out for you!


I hope everyone is looking forward to my panicked posts in 2 weeks when I am actually IN the parks and experiencing glitches :rofl::rofl:


Hmm. If my memory serves from Wreck-It Ralph, if you glitch inside the park and the day resets, you disappear! :open_mouth:


If that happens, my kids better get some any time FP’s for re-setting their mom.


Same here. June 5 and Saturday.

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So exciting that we’re getting closer to our trips!

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Ours were here weeks ago, we’ll be there just before you- May 21-27. Hope yours are sent soon!

We also had a gray band (DD24), had no problem getting it. I teased her with the lyrics from Counting Crow’s Mr. Jones & Me, which features gray rather prominently. :wink:

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I’m so mad at myself for not realizing the issue. I was checking every day for it to say “shipped” because I customized them so long ago.