What's the funniest thing you've heard while waiting in line?

I was trying to encourage @stlouie to not worry too much about it being cold in the summer at Ystone when I recalled something funny I heard while standing in line.

It was back when they had direct flights on Allegiant from Oakland to MT, and I was coming back from visiting family in the Bay Area. It was winter. I was behind a young family on the jetway.

As we boarded, the Mom enthusiastically said: “We’re underdressed and ill-prepared, but we’re going to have a great time at grandma’s anyway!” :rofl:

Another time, we were at WDW at the Harbor House and a kid was fooling around and fell over in his chair.

The dad just looked over, and very calmly said, “Is gravity different where you are, Nate?”

I admired his composure.

We always hear of grumpy parents and kids at WDW. But what’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard a guest say at WDW, or while traveling?


“Its a stimulater ride, it stimulates like you’re flying”

Later, I realized that she wasn’t wrong.


Lady behind us in ToT: The elevator is out of order. That one too. Oooh, I get it now.


" ‘Fantastic’ is the name of the parade that runs down Hollywood street every night."

“Fastpasses are pretty expensive.”

My favorite will always be:
While in line at Chef MIckey’s, a young kid caught a glimpse of Mickey making the rounds at the tables, and got excited.

“Look mom - it’s MICKEY, I can see Mickey!”
The mom turned and said, “Will you SHUT UP! We are here to EAT, and NOT to see the characters!”

I’m pretty sure they were a one and done for WDW.


That’s like a sweet patient of mine who kept talking about the atomic fluid around her baby. Weird things happen in my line of work but radioactivity was something I never thought I’d have to worry about.



My father says to the random stranger next to him to his right instead of to his family to his left that understand his humor as we are about to aboard a rubber raft in Alaska where the water is 32-33 degrees Fahrenheit…”Well the Titanic was bigger but it sank.”



The important thing is- did they laugh? I would have!


Ha ha yes she did but we still give him hell about it. And the fact that he literally chased down a black bear on the same trip for a photo after being explicitly told by the guide to slowly turn around and go the other way if we see a black bear on the trail.


He’s lucky it was just a black bear!!!


OK, if we are doing inadvertently funny, my family’s favorite thing overheard in a Disney line was a mom (on a very hot and crowded day) saying “this is the time of day here when I just want to kill myself.”


When switching monorails, a guy was talking on his cellphone very loudly: “Fish sticks!?!? Fish sticks this, fish sticks that, why do they always want fish sticks?”

“Fish sticks this, fish sticks that” has become one our favorite phrases.


One of our favorite phrases is “This cheese tastes just like butter!”

I really love cheese, and we had ordered a cheese plate at the California Grill. They brought out the bread and butter at the same time. You can probably figure out what happened after that. :blush: I got them mixed up.

The kids thought it was the funniest thing ever. They got a lot of mileage out of that one. I swear I didn’t hear the end of it for weeks, and it still comes up even now that they are grown.


I’ll freely admit that I’m a wimp when the temperature drops below 45 degrees!:cold_face:


We have all been there.

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We were waiting in line for food. My 3 year old nephew upon seeing Goofy coming out from a CM door during his first trip to Disneyland, “Go away, Goofy! You are scary!” The adults looked at each other and cracked up. He’s 24 now and a big Disney fan!


Lol, that reminds me of reading the police blotter, when dispatch wrote: “Trooper dispatched to accident near the curve on US 191 where everyone slides off.”

I think she meant- if they slide off, that’s where they do it. I hope that’s what she meant. Otherwise I’m not driving on that road again!

Small town police blotters are the king of inadvertent hilarity. Bozeman actually published a book of theirs.

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Not at Disney, but during my Senior year in college, my parents and sister came over for a longish weekend for family time after my dad was asked to resign from his position (church politics…someone on the board wanted the job). We had gone to Shoney’s for “brunch” (a late breakfast) before they left for home. There was a family with what looked like a couple of elementary or MAYBE one elementary, one young middle schooler at the booth behind us. The dad had gone either to the bathroom or the buffet, and the older of the two kids stage whispered “Remind me why we’re here again?” and the mom said back “We’re bonding, dear. Your father thinks we need to bond.”

We all still laugh about it, and occasionally on family trips one of us will quip “Oh, is this bonding time now?”


One of the great joys of spending family time with my adult kids is that we get each other’s jokes.


Yep. All we have to hear is the word “bonding” and we crack up.

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I have actually kept a journal of the remarkable and often hilarious things they have said, ever since they were little. Sometimes they’ll even say, “Well, that’s going in The Book.”