What would you rope drop at MK?

Is it called Rope Drop when it’s EMH??

Anyway, we are visiting MK 2 full days on our trip. The first day has (Early)ExtraMagicHours, which we plan to attend. It starts at 8 and I’m planning on getting there by 7:30 ish. Here’s the reason I’m asking… our second day at MK includes EMM. So we’ll be riding 7DMT, WtP and PP without a problem (assuming all goes well). So we are not interested in the mad rush of Rope Drop, but do want to ride some rides with little wait times while we can! So what tends to build the most as the day goes on? Party includes: Me, DH, DS7, DS4. We want to head to PoC around 8:45 for “official” rope drop at 9. Keeping all that in mind, where would you head at 8 AM? I was considering:

Mickey in Town Square, then
Dumbo, then

But I’m reconsidering Barnstormer as I might remove it from my plan altogether. What should I replace it with? I was thinking maybe the Little Mermaid ride so that during EMM we can skip that one since I’ve heard it takes a while and we’re paying $1 a minute. If I head to Fantasyland and say “Ok kids! You get to pick what we ride!” they’ll head straight to the carousel :rofl: so I want to have a plan even though we aren’t feeling the pressure of the headliners. Thanks for your suggestions!

Is Tomorrowland open for EEMH? I would personally do the Tomorrowland headliners. Space, the Speedway, then Astro Orbiter then Buzz…something like that. Space, Speedway, and Astro can grow lines fairly quickly and other than Space, I usually don’t feel like they’re good uses of FP unless they’re day-of and easily grabbed.

Yes, Im considering those as well, BUT… we have FP’s to Buzz, Space Mt and Speedway on our other MK day (they were must-dos for my kids so I had to grab them). I was trying to knock out Fantasyland but it’s a possibility my kiddos will want to ride Buzz more than once. So I could do Mickey, then Buzz, then Dumbo…

I’m not sure mickey is there until official open, and everyone will be on main street, so that will be a long wait.

Definitely tomorrowland for EMH if you’re doing EMM another day.

Ugh. I know. I did so much looking around about this. The website shows it as open during EMH and I read on some forums that sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t, so I called WDW and they said it is. I was hoping since everyone wants to get rides done, they wouldn’t stand in line for Mickey first thing.

After EMM, I have FPs for the Tomorrowland stuff we want to do, so I dont really feel like I HAVE to get those done unless we want to ride them twice during our vacay. The only rides open during EMM are 7DMT, IASW, teacups, Carousel, PP, WtP, and Mermaid so if I’d like to knock out the other stuff in Fantasyland during EMH. My MK days looks like this:

MK day 1:
EMH 8-9 - trying to knock out FL rides not open during EMM
Adventureland, Liberty Squre & Frontierland the rest of the day

MK day 2:
Tomorrowland the rest of the early part of the day
Big Break
Dinner at CRT

My personal choice would be to have a big breakfast and then see how many times I could ride the teacups.

But seriously, your kids will probably want to ride something lots of times. Figure that out once you’re there and that’s your EMH.


EMM should definitely include Voyage so you can get that one done on the visit. (Although the standby queue is rarely too bad. It’s loads like people mover and can do a good capacity. You can often even get same day FPP for it.

This is what has worked for me after EMH – included just a couple weeks ago. Go to Frontierland & Adventureland first. The majority of ppl who don’t go to 7DMT head towards Tomorrowland for Space Mt. & BLSRS.

People have a natural tendency to “walk / go right” when in theme parks.

This leaves BTMR, Splash, PoC, JC all pretty empty - comparatively. All of these rides should have waits under 20 minutes until 10am. You’ll walk on to whichever you pick first, then 5 – 7 minutes for the next and etc…

I’d suggest Dumbo. When I was there a few weeks around 9:30 we waited 25 minutes and TP estimated 8. They were only running one side.

BTW probably no need to be at POC at 8:45. Low lines at RD.


I thought Frontierland and Adventureland weren’t open during EMH?

They’re not.

Misunderstood. Thought you meant what to do after EMH right at RD

I feel like Dumbo is a good one. Get it done, dont wait in line, dont have to go back.

Gotcha! Yes we will be headed to Pirates by 9 am! We have FPs for splash and BTMRR later that morning too!

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How about Peter Pan? Did I miss that on your plan?

Also, Haunted Mansion can get busy, but no one really thinks to prioritize it over the headliners. Buzz is fun more than once, so you could take your kids first thing and they can look forward to and plan for their FP ride on Buzz.

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We will do Peter Pan during EMM. I think you’re right. Dumbo and Buzz might be my best choices.

I will also say that Town Mickey is nuts at RD. I don’t know the wait but we got in line for Tink around 8:40 on a 9 opening and we’re 2nd in-line but the line for Mickey was already long!

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Thanks for the heads up! If it looks crazy we’ll head to Buzz!

You may want to consider doing one or two of the items that are available during EMM. During our EMM we got in 2 rides on 7dmt, 1 WtP, 1PP, 1 UtS, before we headed over to RD space mountain. We could have squeezed in at least one more short ride (not 7DMT, b/c that was taking close to 20 minutes each ride-10 minute wait, and 7-8 minutes to load, ride and unload), but we wanted to make sure we were at the head of the pack. We had done IASMW on another day, so we didn’t have to worry about that one, which ended up being perfect for our day.

For the two EMHs we’ve done, we’ve split up and DD8 and I head to Space and DH and DD5 do Buzz. DD8 loves Space so it’s a priority to get more than one ride a trip and DD5 is pretty timid when it comes to rides so she loves Buzz. DD5’s favourite ride our last trip was Under the Sea, so we also make it a priority to do it much as we can. I’d do:

Space (Buzz)
Maybe a second Buzz with everyone if possible
Little Mermaid

I do also agree about the waits at Dumbo. We did it after EMM at about 9:15 on a CL8 day and waited for 15 minutes without moving before bailing on the line. That said, I found it super easy to get Dumbo a 4th FPP - even later in the day - for a party of 8. My kids do enjoy it!

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I agree with SD FP for Dumbo. DD wanted to ride again our last day and I easily picked one up in the afternoon. I also noticed that the lines actually seem to dip in the afternoon.