What would you do with 4 hours?

I am meeting friends in the world for marathon weekend but I arrive four hours before anyone else. We are staying at POFQ and I get in around 11am. Once everyone gets there we are planning to go to the expo and then Disney Springs for dinner at 7:30. I originally thought I would just hang out at the resort since I’ve never been there before. But now I’m wondering if I want to explore more. If I went to a park I would go to HS and ride TOT and RNR since others in my group won’t want to ride those. Probably get lunch there. Would that be packing too much in? Should I just take it easy and stay at my resort? We are going to be on the go for the rest of our five day stay. What would you do?

Although HS is my favourite park and ToT and RnR are at the top of my list as well, I think on Jan. 5 we are looking at some pretty high crowd levels right now. Unless you are a Genie+ person and have your favourites lined up, it may be a frustrating 4 hours in the park when you are 2-2.5 hours behind the rope droppers.

Have you thought about checking out Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory over at French quarter ( a pretty short stroll from Riverside or a nice little boat ride) for some beignets ?


Since I’m just paying for me I’m planning to get G+ for all my park days to try it out. So I could line up some rides…
Or check out the resort more like you suggested. Maybe even go for a short run (my plan calls for a 3 miler that day :slight_smile:

I think it could work with LL. And it helps those rides are in close proximity to one another.


I’d probably try and enjoy HS for a few hours and meet them at the Expo. You never know what delays they may have and I know I’d be thinking “man I could have has all this extra time in HS, I should have gone” if I’d ‘wasted’ time just wandering around my resort.


OK so liners think a like and I’m not crazy! At least not liner crazy!

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That is what I was thinking. It would be sensible to just hang at my resort but my HS plan is also “sensible “.
And I’ve been wanting to go to ABC commissary (never thought I would say that) and get a buffalo chicken grilled cheese and Wookiee cookie. So this would be the perfect time!

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I would honestly enjoy the slow and easy pace on arrival and explore the resort(s). I can’t see paying to add a park day (unless you’re AP?) for maybe a couple of rides and a rushed experience.

You are the voice of reason! I do not have an annual pass but to go from a five day to a six day ticket is only $25 (with G+ actually $40)

If I found that I needed more to do other than checking out POFQ and POR, I could go to visit another resort that I have not been to like the Riviera or the Poly. Then take a bus straight to the expo when it is time to meet my friends.

I go back-and-forth every time I think about it!

Does anyone know if all of the holiday decorations will be down at the resorts by then?

Which day is this you’re talking about, specifically?

I think some decorations might be still up but they will definitely be coming down, and IIRC will be gone by Monday after marathon

That slow, casual resort-touring day especially at resorts you’ve not been to sounds like a much nicer start than rushing rushing rushing at extra cost to boot


For me, I’d probably go to Epcot for the World Showcase, enjoy some excellent snacks, watch street performers, and not worry much about rides or G+. If the crowds throughout the park are super-high, Epcot is likely to feel less crowded than DHS. It just has more areas and more places to take in the people, so it can be a unique relaxing experience. Worth $25 to me, YMMV.

That being said, if you think it will be your only chance during your trip to ride TOT and RNR, you have to go for it! DHS outside of the Star Wars and Toy Story lands probably won’t be too crowded.


Also a really great option.

I think my overall thinking is 4hrs is not enough to have planned stuff or specific goals. I think it would be better to have a lowkey “plan” so in case it gets even mildly derailed it will not feel like a disappointment.


It is Weds Jan 5. Do you think gingerbread house may still be at grand flo?

I think we have a fair amount of time already scheduled for touring around world showcase. So I’m less inclined to go there.

Our trip overall is geared to be a relaxing pace with seeing some resorts we’ve not been to. So I get a little excited to push it on that first travel day but in the end it may become too much.

IIRC this is one of the last things to go

Reviewing my photos from January 6, 2020, though, the house was gone and the tree was coming down right before my eyes at Grand Flo. Main Street was still decorated.

Marathon weekend that year was 1/8

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One last argument for HS, you said your friends wouldn’t ride those rides so I’d definitely knock out things that they wouldn’t want to do.


Good consideration. I did overlook this


Of course this is all assuming everyone’s flights are on time.

That would suck to have paid the extra ticket and genie+ cost and then your flight doesn’t arrive until it’s too late to use it.

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I know, I was thinking about that too. I think I would keep it a five day ticket and then add on the sixth day as long as this day goes OK once I am there. So I wouldn’t lose the cost of the ticket. But was curious about what would happen if you had a genie plus reservation but never tapped into the park. Do you get to use it on another day?

Disney is not that nice.



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