What to RD at MK?

My husband and I plan to get to MK around 8 AM for a 9 AM opening. We will be there on Dec 10th.

First, does that seem early enough to be toward the front or no? We are walking over from Contemporary.

Second, I would like to head to BTMRR, Splash and PoC as our first three rides. Have those been open when arriving before park opening? I hate to spend the extra minutes we have before 9 standing in line, not moving, waiting for the ride to open. If those aren’t open, I suppose I’ll head to 7DMT. But, honestly, I’d rather ride BTMRR, Pirates and Splash 2 times each during the day than ride 7DMT at all. Trying to be most efficient with our time during that extra time before park opening.

I think an 8 am arrival should be plenty of time with it being a weekday. From what I’ve been reading 7D and PPF are the only two rides that seem to always be opening early. BTM and Splash seem to sometimes open before 9, but not always.

My kids and I will be in MK on the 10th too!


Cool!! I have super curly red hair. Yell out LAURA!! if you see someone with curly red hair and if they turn around ITS ME! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I wonder if I ask a CM I see along Main St if they’ll be able to tell me if they’re open or if they’re trained to say they open at 9 no matter what…


I almost always head to Adventureland / Frontierland first. I’d get over to BTMRR, do your double Splash and round it out with PoC. Then if you like you should be able to get on Jungle Cruise before it gets too busy.

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That’s exactly what we’d like to do! Just hoping they’re all open when we get there. I like the way you think.

I’ve never said this out loud on this forum before I dont think: I …:scream: … don’t like Jungle Cruise.


I’ve been to MK exactly three times in my life and I’ve never ridden JC there. I have ridden many times at DLR. It’s … okay. But I’m not going to stand in a long line for it.

Most memorable JC moment was in the mid-80’s when my niece was a baby. I had her on my shoulders in the queue and she spit up on my hair!



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Yes, 8am should be sufficient. We got there about 57 min early and the line started moving almost immediately at the temp check (we walked from BLT ourselves). We rope dropped Big Thunder which was operating before official opening and as soon as we got there and it was still 15-20 min wait (but a constantly moving one). When we got off BTMRR, Splash was not open but had a line so we hopped in. It opened 5 or 10 min before official opening time and we probably wait about 20 minutes once it started moving so 25-30 min total or so. Then we went straight to Pirates which had I think 45 min posted wait and we waited less than that. I can’t remember exactly but I posted at the time, I think maybe 30 min or so but maybe 20-25. We tended to wait less than what Disney posted unless we got stuck during a cleaning. We immediately went to Jungle Cruise after Pirates and it had a posted wait of 50 min or something similar but it was more like 35.

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Making sure you saw that MK is now opening at 8. Yay!

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Yes! Just logged in to update this thread Thanks @Cindy70!

Now my plans are upside down. I had a 7:30 am Wave breakfast res for 9 am MK opening so we could walk from Contemporary. Now that MK is an 8 am opening… whats everyones plan for rope drop arrival?

This is exactly my quandary! We are staying at Swan. I guess early Lyft to TTC. Bummer, I was looking forward to my 7:30 Wave ADR.

One problem with Jungle Cruise is the inconsistency of the captains. Some just get the dead pan humor well, while others seem to be trying too hard. And the last time we did it, the captain totally ruined the backside of water joke but trying to turn it into some grandiose thing, as if introducing it like it was a WWF wrestler coming into the ring. It was cringe worthy.

So who you get for a captain can make a world of difference.

I am curious to know if the jokes are different for the Jingle Cruise.

Yes, I seem to recall them being different, but that was in 2018 which seems like decades.

Yes. We just did it this week and the jokes were different.

I was about to start a similar thread but saw this one first. I’ve been watching a lot of livestreams of people going an hour before open and from that have devised this plan 7DMT, PP (if it is open, there have been a couple streams I’ve watched where it is not, although the above states that the same may be true of BTM) BTM, PotC, then jump in line for Jingle Cruise before it gets too crowded- I’m assuming park will be open by the time we get on or off Pirates.I’ve seen some vloggers do BTM first and they don’t quite get as much in as those who go to 7DMT first- the caveat being of course that you are in the front and they actually let people on the ride at that time. I do not know if this is a great plan, and was wanting to ask if it sounds okay. Our goal is to avoid crowds, not necessarily wait times. After JC we were going to try Dumbo and then go to the entrance area to see if we can catch the cavalcades and the Dans before heading back to our cabin at noon-ish or just after noon-ish to avoid the big afternoon crowds.

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We are at Swan too! So lyft to arrive at TTC by 6:30? Or do you think sooner? Ive never been to the TTC. Only used buses or minnie vans. Once at the TTC is it obvious where to go? Maybe I should watch a You Tube video…

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I am very… directionally challenged… and I find it easy to navigate the TTC. There are signs, and sometimes a castmember to direct people. Watching videos is always my answer when I’m nervous about not knowing where to go :slight_smile:

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I’m in the same boat. I haven’t been to TTC in about 10 years. Hoping others here can help with ideas or YouTube it is!

With the thread you started combined with this one, I think Im leaning toward taking a bus to MK… I think. I guess the question is- who will arrive to the MK entrance first?

  1. a person who lyfts to TTC (how early can we get there??) and then monorail/buses to MK OR walks from TTC

  2. a person who gets on a bus from YC/BC/BW and takes it to MK

And then once that decisions made… how early do we do all of that? :joy::joy: