What to Bring into WDW

Hi All,
I wanted to ask what you all recommend bringing into the WDW parks for the day? I hate a bunch of stuff in my pockets, and need to carry extra glasses, phone, etc. What kind of small bag is best which they allow into the parks?
What essential items should be bring for the day?
What should we NOT bring into the park? (You don’t need to list weapons and such).
Do they allow water bottles? Are there refill stations in each park?
Are there lockers in each park?
Many thanks, we leave in 10 days for our first trip to WDW!


I LOVE my Innturt bags. They are super durable. I scotch guarded mine, perfect for wet rides, although I heard ur not really getting wet right now, lol. So maybe good for bad weather. I bring a minimal amount of things, phone/wallet combo (phone case has magnet to stick to case, no dropsies). I bring small hand sanitizer, a few travel wet wipes, a pen a small pad (with kids, we played hang man in the lines), a couple zip lock bags (one with TP, u never know). Some travel packets of motrin and my visine. Thats really it for me.

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Let’s add sunscreen; this is Florida afterall :wink: phone charger you need your phone for mobile ordering someone in another thread share this w/ me: https://www.themouseforless.com/walt-disney-world/parks/keeping-phone-charged-walt-disney-world/


We just returned from our 2nd trip to WDW and it was amazing! Yes, the drinking fountains and bottle refill stations are all open and working. Yes, they do allow you to bring a water bottle into the parks, we even had ours filled with ice or frozen. No one inspects or looks thru your bag anymore, they have a new system that you just walk thru the scanner with your bag - you just need to remove any metal items, like umbrellas. It’s so fast! Yes, there are lockers in each park, but you can bring your park bag onto the rides (unlike Universal). I would say essential items to bring in your park bag are: cell phone, sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottle, a snack or two, an umbrella or poncho, wallet, a cooling towel or fan if you like, extra face masks and any other little items you think you’ll need. Do you have a Magic Band? If not, you’ll need your park ticket too. I can’t think of anything you shouldn’t bring other than the obvious items. Have fun!


Personally, I’m a big fan of cargo shorts. (I know… not fashionable, but super functional!)

I never want to deal with a back pack all day unless really necessary.

I bring wallet, sunscreen, headache meds (Tylenol & such), a couple of band-aids, a few hand wipes - especially for after applying sunscreen, cell phone with a backup phone battery and that’s about it. (I put the items in Ziplock bags to keep them dry from water rides. Oh! bring a couple extra Ziplock bags just in case.)

You can bring in a water bottle, but you can also get a free cup of water at most eateries. (one less thing to tote around)

If you do not have a Magic Band, I strongly suggest a lanyard with a pouch to carry your tickets / a credit card / Hotel key. You won’t need a wallet this way. (I always do this at Universal where they don’t use Magic Bands)

Lockers are available, but they tend to be at the front entrance of each park. This can be a long trek if you forget something or want to add something.

What not to bring… pretty much anything you don’t need to survive. You’ll be walking about 10 miles or more each day. No need to add to it. Try to do all your shopping at the end of each day. If you get in the park & really feel like you “need” a bag - just go in a shop & ask for a shopping bag.

I use zinc and it seems to last all day. We dont burn easily. Sometimes, if its long days, I do bring my face sunscreen but not always. I do have a portable battery, half the time I left in the room and just used DHs phone when mine was dying :rofl:

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I felt like there are not enough water bottle fillers at WDW overall. I would love to see that change. It’s not as easy to get a complimentary cup of water in the age of COVID. I would not be comfortable not carrying water with me.

We usually have a backpack but we trade off carrying it so it’s not so bad. We carried water bottles (2), umbrella, ponchos, portable chargers, wallet, sunscreen, fans, bandaids, pins for trading, and a couple of snacks. Now that my kids are practically not kids anymore (17 and 20) I find we don’t need the snacks as much.


Yep. We use Badger brand, which is highly rated. (They have a “clear” zinc oxide sunscreen now.) Apply it once, and it lasts all day. I also trust zinc oxide over other types of sunscreen. Other sunscreens break down due to sun exposure (which not only forces you to re-apply, but there is some concern that the chemicals it breaks down into MIGHT POSSIBLY be carcinogenic). Zinc oxide doesn’t, which is why it lasts all day.

However, if you sweat a lot, etc, you might want to reapply.

I went our entire 9 days at the park with only applying sunscreen at the start of each day.


You are the one who told me about this maybe a year or so ago, lol. I tried a couple. I liked the coppertone, just because it is clear. I will have to check the Badger brand out. I will never go back to regular sunscreens (especially since we use it for tubing and others cause pollution to the water ways). And the carcinogens, another BIG reason for me!

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We dont do Disney in high heat times so It lasts all day. Mid May to Mid Oct are off limits for us and Disney.

I’ll admit, we sweat a TON on our trip, but I still didn’t re-apply. We have the active/sport type which is supposed to be quite water resistant.

Your last trip was 100+ temps (at least the feel likes) so yes, I imagine so! Your Dec trip should be nice tho!

Unless, of course, Disney decides, due to COVID-19, that they will be cancelling nice weather this year…

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:woman_facepalming: watch it be the hottest Dec on record, Ill secretly be cursing u! :rofl:

Thank you for your comment!! I have been wondering about the refill stations for water!! Are there quite a few stations around? We leave for WDW in 30 days. I don’t want to lug around bottles for all 5 of us so hoping to be able to refill frequently!

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Do you think there are enough filling stations to make it with 2 water bottles for 5 people?

I did not feel there were enough water bottle filling stations…there were a few and sometimes in random places like along the exits of rides. Typically more in newer sections of the parks. But sometimes they could be hard to find. There are lots of water fountains, but the water is not as good, ok sometimes fountain water is awful! We did a lot of filling water bottles from free cups of water from quick service or from our water glasses at table service. Sometimes they would even bring us a giant cup of ice water “to go”. We found it helpful to bring an extra bottle or two with us for in a pinch.


We mostly filled from water fountains. I didn’t mind the taste.

But you can also go up to most food stands that have drinks and ask for cups of water. They will give you them freely.


We had two bottles for three people. I would bring at least three for five of you. We also refilled with water we got with meals, but we still ended up buying some bottles of water to supplement at the end of the day.


The first aid station will have all of these.


I do this instead of a purse. I love walking by the bag search lines, but security has become easier

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