What special thing do you take to Disney?

Inspired by our packing conversations today, I’m wondering what special thing do you all take to Disney that you might not take anywhere else? Or maybe something a little off-beat that other people might not think to take?

I always take a tiny pair of binoculars and a small flashlight whenever I travel. The flashlight stays on the nightstand, but the binocs go almost everywhere- especially to AK.

Really interested to see what other special items people like to take- especially to Disney!


The only thing I can think of is clothes pegs to peg our swimming costumes to the line in the bathroom.


I always take my WDW 25th Anniversary name badge


Wow, that’s cool. What do people say when they see it?!

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sorry cannot resist…i take my DH. hes pretty special. actually i take string lights for hotel room window. like for Halloween, i take orange string lights


Something to make a unique autographed souvenir.

I took Mickey and Minnie aprons/chef hat sets for the characters to sign at Chef Mickey’s. It fit the theme and made a cool keepsake.

Looking forward to thinking up another creative idea for next time (safari hats to sign at Tusker House?).


Nothing mind-blowing. I do take pool toys. Usually we don’t spend enough vacation time at the pool to make it worth taking them, but we make an effort to add in pool time at Disney. Both because it’s too cold to do outdoor pools at home when we go, and because the pools can be so nice.

I also take a folding step stool so that our young kids can reach the sink easily. That’s probably off the beaten path! Though only useful for young families.


We have mostly driven, so our ‘thing’ is our Disney dice on the rearview mirror. It gets us in the mood. It’s the only trip where the dice come out, so it’s special.



Themed clothes. I know that’s not really what you’re asking, but I’ve never spent so much time planning what I was going to wear on vacation in my life.


Then there’s that awkward moment when you realize you have more themed clothes than days you’ll be staying.


The struggle is real. :rofl: I had two main problems: I had to plan my outfits before knowing what the weather would be, so my layering didn’t always match. And I had a different pair of ears to wear every day… and then one day it poured.


Yes! I don’t do many myself, but both my kids wear “costumes” at least half the days we’re there. My DD is much easier to come up with things for. It’s harder to find warm-weather appropriate costumes for DS.


Walkie talkies. So much more convenient than texting or calling in general,
but especially with grandparents who don’t really know how to use their flip phone(!).

We also brought our own glow toys (because I didn’t want to spend a mortgage payment on a few balloons) and glow sticks.

And a double AND single stroller which we found a way to piggyback when not in use. We never use a stroller for anything anymore but there were some late nights when the kiddos were glad to be able to rest their feet.

And of course ears and themed clothes.


When my kids were little, we thought walkie-talkies were the best thing ever! But we could never get my sis to stop yelling into them. It was a teeny bit embarassing. :blush:


That’s funny, if we don’t go to WDW we go to a beach resort and spend all day lying by the pool. We don’t have small kids anymore though and we definitely did more pool time on those trips.

We also usually have a few flashlights. Once upon a time I also took my own alarm clock because the ones in rentals can be so iffy.

This is probably the best, however… I almost always take my electric griddle. Keep in mind we drive, and stay offsite. LOL. But it gets placed in the suitcase with a beach towel wrapped around it.

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Haha, ok that’s … unique!

And not all kids like pool time, either ! I have one kid who doesn’t care for the water. He’s one of the reasons why we picked WDW this year, because now he’s old enough to refuse to come - we were thinking about a beach vacay and he just wouldn’t go.

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Years ago we brought walkie talkies. This was before cell phones and great with extended family.

My disney thing is my little stuffed stuffed robin hood. He is my park buddy. I got him after i hosted liner kermit.


I never knew a kid who didn’t like pool time but DS14 doesn’t like sand.

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