What should Sneaky family rope drop at MK?

The Sneaky family (Sneaky, DW, DD8, DD4) plans to go to MK this Saturday for Labor Day weekend. I’m very confused with the new opening procedures. From what I’ve read, the old holding patterns are back and parks are opening on the dot.

Going to MK is always a problem. We love driving so that means no avoiding the TTC (We are also fierce off-siters). This also means that we are never first at tap and mostly in the “back of the first group”.

My question is: What is the best option?

Option 1: 7DMT, PP, Pooh
Option 2: PP, 7DMT, Pooh

The algorithm tells me that doing 7DMT first is a bad idea but the difference is also within the range of error.

Also, where do they make wait for RD if you want to go to PP?

First, Love your name, loved that show! I am hoping for you that the low crowds hold. I know it’s a holiday weekend but travel/visitors into Orlando area is visibly lower. Now I’ll let others w/ strong opinions jump in :wink: on order of operations…

see/read her walk on to everything right now: A lurker’s try at live trip report - Walt Disney World - TouringPlans Discussion Forums

…looks like she still hasn’t been to MK on her trip. Oh well, it is encouraging that crowds are so low. Maybe I should just prioritize 7DMT as the rest will likely have low waits during the day.

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this is now… remember… well, I think MK is the busy park of all 4 parks.

I’m going to refer you to the following DTB article:

Having been there shortly after this was written, I agree that on a busy day if rope drop procedures stay the same the Brickers are spot-on. If you are not at the front of the crowd, forget 7D and do other rides with low waits at rope drop. Here’s hoping that crowds stay low for you and this craziness is not a factor this weekend! Not sure if your DDs are potential night owls like mine (same ages!) but getting in line for 7D before close is a great strategy if the line never shortens during the day. Plus, it’s extra cool at night!

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If you are driving and want to have a better chance at being at the front of the pack, you may want to consider an early breakfast reservation at the Wave so that you can park at the Contemporary.

If not, if you get there to big RD crowds, I would consider heading to PP first. I think generally, the longest line of the day at 7DMT is at RD for all the people who were not the first in. It tends to drop a it right after RD, so doing PP first may work out well.

But I agree with @ppehap that if current crowds hold out through the weekend, there won’t be a bad move.


Trying to squeeze a breakfast PPO would add to the stress. I think I’ll do PP first then see if 7DMT is reasonable.

Where do you wait for PP? is that to the left on the Liberty Square bridge then behind the castle or is it through the HM path?

…hmmmm it seems that you can’t take the path behind the castle at rope drop.

There’s this YT channel called Rope Drop that does live stream every single morning at rope drop. Very useful, check it out.


Oh wow! This is pretty useful.

The Liberty Square entrance around Columbia Harbor House would work since the entrance to the PP line is on that side. Or through the castle.

That is seriously the best job in the world! Rope dropping and live streaming?! yes please.

I am following this closely. We will be at MK on 10/2 and will be using early entry on only the 2nd day it is running! Right now my plan is:

Space Mountain
Seven Dwarves Mine Train
Peter Pan’s Flight
Haunted Mansion

I have been going back and forth if we should do Space before 7DMT or go directly to 7DMT and hit SM later in the day.

I am thinking that we can swing through Tomorrowland and if SM isn’t running then can keep going to 7DMT.

SO many variables to figure out.

Did you plug this into a plan? I would think doing SM later would ultimately save you time. The line for Space, even when long, I don’t think gets nearly as long as 7DMT. Trouble is Early Entry is messing up knowing exactly what to do.

I would to lean toward 7DMT, PP, and THEN SM before HM. A little backtracking, bit you might hit SM just before the off site RD crowds do.

Purely conjecture on my part, of course.


Yeah I agree with Ryan unless you are really far back in the rope drop. I would do SM 2nd or 4th.

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Thank you…great feedback. I will play with the plan later today (work is interfering w/ me tweaking my TPs in a timely manner!).

So, how did things end up going?

Pretty good considering. We waited in the Liberty Square bridge for RD which has a nice shade. We left the stroller next to Columbia Harbour to be unencumbered. Then did PP, Pooh, got in line for 7DMT. While in line Sneaky wife took DS and DD to Dumbo and got back in time. Total time in 7DMT was 38min.