What’s your (unpopular) opinion(s)?

I do feel like Soarin’ World fits better at Epcot, but I will skip it 9/10 times at DCA because it just doesn’t belong. But I will wait in line for an hour to see Soarin’ CA at DCA! I think also because I’ve been to many/most of those places in CA that it speaks to me.


I’m going to be even worse… I don’t really like any version of Soarin’ :scream:

It’s not bad, but it doesn’t do anything for me. I do like spray of orange scent though.

I will ride it when there, but mostly because in times past it was one of the few attractions ar EP


Wow, I’m surprised you don’t like it very much.

We are all theme park lovers here yet our lists of likes and dislikes can be so different. It’s fascinating.

If I could have any superpower it would be flying. I used to have the occasional flying dream and it was the most thrilling feeling ever. I always wanted to go hang-gliding, never did it. Soarin’ is probably the closest I’ll get.


Ok…I promise I’m not trolling or hating on it…BUT…

IMHO - I get zero sensation that I’m hang gliding. I feel like I’m sitting on a porch swing in front of a IMAX theater that isn’t even as good as the local movie chain I can go to.

SORRY! Please put your torches & pitchforks away! :rofl::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


No apology necessary! Different strokes!

I can only sustain the hang-gliding illusion if I’m in row 1 (which I usually wait for if necessary). If I can see feet, it’s a bust.


I’ve never had a flying dream.

For many decades I had a couple of recurring falling dreams. Like off cliffs.

I’ve no idea what hang gliding feels like. Or falling off a cliff for that matter.

First time on Soarin back when it opened at Epcot I was petrified because it felt as tho I was going to fall right out of that seat. :scream::cold_face::hot_face::flushed::dizzy_face:

No worries - I learned how to enjoy the ride.

That first time was a doozy. :upside_down_face:


Those are nightmares!

I would SO love to have my flying dreams back. Maybe I need to explore lucid dreaming.


Yeah. They were nightmares. :smile:

I’d have other dreams where the dream scape kept evolving into other scapes which evolved into etc etc and that was nightmarish.

The cliff was just scary until waking up. :wink:


Flying was always the super hero power I wanted. And I had flying dreams too - but it was like I could.swim in the air - which is not much like flying, but still cool.


Lucky! :wink::sunglasses:

I’ve never been able to decide on a super power :upside_down_face: