What’s your (unpopular) opinion(s)?

And I still love WDW. I unloaded because the premise of the thread seems to grant me immunity from recourse. You should see my lists for things I don’t like. :joy:


Same with us. Can’t pass up the Volcano !


I should have just stayed out of here LOL :wink:

I’ll pretend you never said those vile things


I laughed out loud at several of these. Especially this one…

And this one…

I too, don’t get the hate for Disney transportation. I hate driving in unfamiliar places. I love having someone else drive me around for once.


I don’t hate Disney transport, and it took a few times of having a car to really notice the difference, but it really is so much better being in full control of your own destiny. Eg, when we stay at OKW? I can be at Epcot in under 10 mins - and I mean parked and everything. I’m there before the bus has even begun making the rounds. Can’t beat it.

That said, it’s super fantastic that you have the option available if you don’t feel like driving, too. Like if I’m solo and will be imbibing, I use Disney transport.

But it is squishy and gross and slow and crowded and it’s one more line to wait in in the midst of a day of waiting. If I can pass on it, I will every time now that I’ve been converted

Edited: mid-day buses are great though, and often you get your own. Then? I love it.


It’s just that it takes longer and it’s unpredictable. People that are impatient and control freaks (me) won’t like it.


He is not answering… I guess we will never know



Unpopular opinions? Heh.

Having a seen-out-the-window familiarity with the 200 foot strip on either side of the Greeneway between the airport and the WDW bubble doesn’t make you an expert on Florida. Particularly with respect to weather.

If you got rained on from some fringe weather from a tropical system while at WDW, you didn’t “survive a hurricane.”


We made it without a car this time, but I hated it some of the days. It was great on HS and EP days as the boats between the parks and the resorts was timely. But AK and MK, ugh! And DS was bad too. We either had to walk to YC or BW and take their buses to MK (which gets real old when it is so dang hot), or take the Dolphin bus which drops you at the TTC and then you need to monorail/boat. It took me a full hour to get back from MK the other day, I tried it just to see. AK was okay, drop off was good but for pickup at the park they don’t send their buses fast enough. We lyfted home. DS was terrible, we lyfted the second day and that was great. Anyway, this is why I don’t like being carless. Mostly a complaint about transportation from the Dolphin. If we had been staying at YC or BW, I likely would have thought it was good. I just hate having something take an hour that should take 10 minutes. :rofl:


I am definitely impatient and a control freak! :rofl:


1000 hearts for this GIF of Clue which is one of my most favorite lines and no one ever recognizes.


There’s been several trips where my kids leave the parks for a break before DH and I are ready to leave. I’ve stayed in the park or hopped to another park when everyone else left. I’ve gone to the parks for rope drop before everyone else got up out of bed. Our car would be left in a parking lot and no one would want to drive it home if we had driven. For us the skyliner was a game changer as we weren’t waiting around for a bus.


See MK is the one I would happily take a bus for. That effin parking lot is … UGH. But in an ideal situation I have an ADR at a monorail loop resort :wink:


No car next trip because we are at Copper Creek (will boat to MK for party), and then Riviera and Boardwalk for the rest of the trip which is EP and HS focused :walking_woman:t3: :trolleybus: (that’s a skyliner)


I’ll add another unpopular opinion: I prefer staying at Pop even after staying at WL, GDT, and ASMo.


Well, there’s that. But the rest of your post where you mention

is why it’s nice to have both options available. My kids have left via Disney transport on their own too

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OK Pop > ASMo

And I’ve never stayed at WL yet (but staying Copper Creek in September), so I can’t say that

But Pop > GDT?? Nope. Enough with that noise.

Yes, an ADR at the Contemporary helps that!


We loved GDT. My only hangup there is I must have a car.


I love walking between resorts and parks. If there is a 20 minute or less walk, I am doing it every time (though I will note that I strictly do not do Disney in “hot months”)


Yes agree with that. The transportation is not ideal. But you are wicked close to both EP and HS there. If they ever connect that resort to the Skyliner - watch out!

GDT is my favorite non DVC resort so far.