What on earth am I forgetting? Final questions

Driving in from off site our first morning for a PPO ADR at MK. Park at Coronado and catch the bus or just park at TTC? I was going to park at the hotel but the recent driving thread has me questioning.

HS Shows: I have a FPP for 12-12:15 but the show starts at 12:30 - do I still have 15 minutes grace period between 12:15 and 12:30?

Allergies. I forgot to key in my son’s food allergy when making most of our reservations.
It will be okay to tell them there, yes? It’s shellfish, so I don’t feel like it’s a hard one to manage, but I know it will be an issue at Tepan Edo for example.

My sweet 6 year old daughters decided last night (after months of disinterest) that they want to dress like princesses after all, so thank heavens for Amazon Prime and two dresses scheduled for delivery tomorrow.

What else am I missing? What is the worst thing you’ve forgotten?

I’m getting last minute jitters. It doesn’t help that I’m working 13 hours today and every day until we roll out of here super early Friday morning.


That they have stores in Florida in case you forget something! :wink:

Perhaps I’m missing something. Why would you park at Coronado if you are going to an ADR at MK? Or are you STAYING at Coronado? (I guess the “off site” part makes it unclear.)

I would just park at TTC, personally, in either case. I’d think the time it takes to take the monorail and tram back to your car and drive over to Coronado is probably not all that different than taking the bus, so the benefit is, to me, on the front end…arriving sooner. Of course, downside is you have all your stuff in a hot car. Do you have an Epi-pen? Make sure it is well protected from the heat!


Sorry. Staying there. I think I originally thought we’d unload first, but will store heat sensitive stuff in the cooler instead of unloading.

Orlando is bigger than most places we usually go, but shopping is at the bottom of my fun list. That I’m going to need to do laundry halfway through is so sad!

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Also. Keeping Epi pens cool in The park hadn’t even crossed my mind. How? Wasn’t planning a cooler bag.

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We have the same conundrum for our first day. We are staying offsite first, then checking into SSR on a day where we would like to do EEMH at MK. I also originally was planning to try and drop some things at SSR and hop on the bus but we REALLY prefer to drive and I think I will be more thankful to have the car there when we are leaving.

My plan is to just do 2 separate shopping trips or deliveries so that we don’t have any cold items that need to be left at SSR.

For days in the parks, since you are going in and out of A/C, it probably isn’t a huge deal. But if you will be out in the sun more, or the temps are particularly high, it can be a concern.

When our kids go to camp, we got them this, which helps keep Epinephrin cool:

I was more concerned about keeping the Epi-Pen in the car, which can ruin the effectiveness quickly. A cooler is fine, although you also have to make sure it doesn’t get TOO cold as well!


You will be fine telling the shellfish allergy to the restaurant when you get there. Just make sure that you ask to speak to a chef rather than relying on your server to get the allergy correct.


We usually have a cooler. Thanks for making me think about this today! We leave for our cruise on Thursday and hadn’t thought about our EpiPen.

May I suggest going to a laundromat. I did laundry for 10 people in about 90 minutes one day at a laundromat on our FL vacation. It was pretty awesome.

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Ryan - do tradition epipen two packs fit in these?

Laundry is something we usually don’t have to worry about, since we always stay in an off-site rental with laundry in the unit itself! I’ve never been to a laundromat…I’m not even sure how they work! :slight_smile:

I believe so. Let me check with my wife to make sure it is the same one we got. (She is the one who originally ordered it.)

We too have rental houses, but didn’t want one load at a time all day long or every day. We went for all at once slam dunk.

We did the every-day-a-load in Anaheim last year though. My mom was with us though and stayed on top of it as I Meade breakfasts each morning.

Thank you!
I appreciate it!

Yes. My wife said the ones meant for insulin pens fit the Epi-Pens.

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I don’t know how many ADRs you have, but calling the restaurants and alerting them to your daughter’s allergy in advance would cover your bases. Maybe try with one and see if they say it’s needed.


I hate shopping and the thought of going out and doing it, on vacation would not be fun for me.
Remember, the first aid and baby stations have a lot of stuff! So if you forget something, they might have it right there. Just something to keep in mind. I don’t think people use this as much as they could. I was surprised what all they offered there.

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Since we do off-site stays, going to Aldi and buying groceries is just of the “magic”. :wink:


There are laundries beside each of the quiet pools at Coronado, so you can do the laundry there and have a swim while you wait for it to finish / dry.


I’ve never had a problem just telling them when we arrive and check-in on the ones I’ve forgotten. Didn’t notice any difference in the handling of it based on prior notice. Really the only advantage to calling ahead would be you don’t need to remember to tell them when you check-in…

WDW has gone to allergy menus most places it seems which worked fairly well and then you can always ask to talk to a chef for more details. Frankly they handle allergies far better than anywhere else we have experienced…

Fun for us is we eat fun things on vacation we wouldn’t buy IRL. Partially prepared foods, etc. It still feels vacation-y to us.