What magic band(s) do you have?

When I went last year, I was staying off-property but I was keen to use a Magic Band so I bought this one on eBay.


I’ve been very tempted by the new Dooney and Bourke Passport Magic Band:

I also like this one by D&B:

I’m getting a “free” Magic Band from my stay at the Contemporary — I’ve chosen purple. And if I keep my controversial throwaway room, I’ve chosen a red Magic Band.

What have you got?


I have a yellow from last year and a red from this year. I really contemplated buying a millennial pink one for this trip, but it just seemed like a waste of money since we got one with our stay! I love the ones you posted - especially the last two!


I’m super tempted to get the D&B Passport one. Not sure how good it would look on my wrist though, I’ve got pretty white skin.

I have basic blue with an r2d2 decal on. That d&b one looks awesome though. Who cares what it looks like on you, if I had it I’d fine a way to display it when I got back home

We did the “perfect gift” package to surprise the kids for Christmas. So ours are a limited edition white band with color pictures of all four parks on them. Love them! I tried to do a picture, but alas, I’m hopeless at that. I love the ones posted above - lovely!!

I have never purchased a special magic band but I may admit to all colors versions 1 and 2- but maybe that is just another example of my crazy? I may also admit to having them hidden in boxes all over my house?


Why would you hide them and not have them gloriously displayed?

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I don’t have magic bands yet as my trip isn’t until the fall. How do I get one of those fancy ones and how hard is it to connect to MDE if you don’t get the ones provided by your resort stay? I’m asking because my DD would LOVE one TIA

It depends if you live in the US or not. I don’t. I bought mine from eBay and if I do get the new one, I’ll get that on eBay, too.

It’s super-easy. You type in the code on the back and your’e good to go.

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Sssshhhh…my husband hates Disney…and he can count…

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That’s grounds for divorce. Any reasonable judge would take your side.


Ours just arrived this week! I want to wear them every day but DH said, “ummm, no”. :frowning:


Have I told you how much I love your posts? You make me laugh and bring me joy- thank you.


Thank you for saying so. This is not necessarily a widely held view. Well, not this week, any way.

Though the point of this thread was to get people to say, “Yeah, buy the D&B MB! Go on!”


What? You haven’t bought it yet? What are you waiting for? Go! Go! Go!


Buy it! You know you’re going to…you are just dragging it out to keep us all in suspense! :stuck_out_tongue:


There you go! Was that so hard?

I’ve asked the seller for a better photo. It looks damaged in the photo on eBay, but I think that might just be because it’s a bad photo.

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“Yeah, buy the D&B MB! Go on!”


Oh, that is actually amazing to hear–my husband hates Disney too. That’s hard to admit. I have way too many magic bands in boxes as well.

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