What is with Disney's constantly needing a password reset?!

Is anyone else running into this? Feels like every few days, I need to reset the password to my Disney account.

And it affects EVERYTHING! Disneyworld.com, Disneyvacationclub.com, Disney+, Disneygiftcard.com… ALL OF IT. It’s infuriating and I’m not doing ANYTHING weird. Y’know…except spending MONEY!

The sites are constantly signing me out if I’m not active on them at all times (which I’m fine with), but then if you log in too many times it says “there’s something fishy” and now I need to reset my password.

No option to simply verify it’s me, nothing. my old pass is just suddenly useless now.

I’ve contacted Disney directly(stop laughing. Stop. stop.) and of course they said “you just need to reset your password. I’ll send you an email to help you do that” NO YOU DUMB IDIOT! I DON’T WANT TO RESET MY PASSWORD!


Can you re-set it to the same password?


I am not having this problem

I am also not having this issue. I do get the annoying “you signed in from a new device” email every single time I log into DVC (not from a new device). But not the password reset thing. Sounds like an IT help desk call could be in order. 800-848-6413. Not sure if that’s who you already spoke to.

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oh THAT BS needs to end too, but I think that’s required by some law now.

Waste of time. They’re the ones trying to explain to me how reset my password.


I did get a code sent to me last week when I logged on. I also received the “reset your password” but I closed the window and relaunched and it was fine.

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yeah i tried to ignore it, but it wouldn’t let me. :frowning:

Have you considered tracing the lineage of Password Reset to see if it is in any way related to AC? That would explain bunches of your issue.


AC haunts you
Perhaps Password Reset is on the same family tree as AC

Failed at the funny.

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I’ve had to reset my password a couple of times in the last few months. I think my problem is more bc I’m logging into multiple accounts from multiple devices some times connected to 3 different networks in a week. Not sure though. It does allow me to reuse an older password after I’ve changed it to something new for a little while.

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There definitely is a “different network” component to it, I was able to get DisneyIT to at least acknowledge that. My work computer is connected to a VPN which, for some reason, says I’m in Virginia. So when I log on from my work computer AND my home network, Disney freaks out and locks everything down.

So I just make sure I never log on from my work computer anymore. But I haven’t done that in weeks and it’s STILL doing it.

Sitting at my desk at home in PA on my work computer (office is in DE) that goes through a VPN in MD. :upside_down_face:

I haven’t had password issues yet, but I have now been warned!

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My work computer uses a VPN also that says I’m either in Atlanta or NYC, but I notice the issue most often after I’ve logged into D+ on my home tv.

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I am constantly being signed out of MDE, disneyworld.com, and Disney+. It doesn’t make me reset my password though, it just makes me re-sign in all the time.
MDE finally stopped making me sign in when I activated FaceID for the app.
(Cue conspiracies about the govt having my face now and blah blah. They’ve had it via my Driver’s license for years so whatever. I am not concerned about this.)

Haven’t had this problem with Disney. Where I DO have this problem is my Apple ID over and over it signs me out and I have to re-sign in to whatever device I’m using. Then randomly we will have to change the password with no way to back out of that. We suspect that it’s because we refuse to sign up for second factor authentication.

That is exactly what I’m talking about. It’s just really frequent

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I have had the same problem recently with MDE. It’s been asking me to reset my password periodically and I did once when it first started happening, right around the time that APR’s started. But since then I learned to just back out when I get that screen and usually I can try again and log in. The past few days, I kept getting error messages that my password was incorrect (even though I knew it was correct because my iPhone was automatically inputting it). Then we (MDE and I) moved on to a phase where when I tried to log in I would just get a blank white page. Odd…but when I went into the app (with the same password!) everything was there that should be. Today I cleared all my cookies, restarted my phone, went into private mode and then was able to login with no problem there.

AND that also solved my problem of not being able to log into the Lines app despite no problem getting onto the mobile site.

Starting to wonder if my DH, who is much more tech savvy than me, is secretly sabotaging my Disney access…no similar problem with any other apps or sites…


I’m not having this problem…
And neither are my clients, whose MDE I frequently log into to do ADRS.
A lot of TAs that do ADRS and APRs for clients use their clients MDE, I think if this was widespread, they’d be talking about it.
It’s directly tied to you for some reason.

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