What is with Disney's constantly needing a password reset?!

I always have this issue if I log in from my work computer while hooked up to a VPN. If I turn off the VPN, then it works fine.

While it’s still annoying, when it does happen, I just change the password to a new one and then change it back to the previous one. That way I don’t have to go around to every TV changing my Disney+ password.


I’ve had a MDE account for 4+ years and never once needed to change my password.

Although I have had trouble logging in from the desktop. Sometimes when logging in, it just bounces the same log in page back up and I’m just stuck there. That’s when I resort to the app, always reliable.

I go incognito when that happens and it works fine then.

Which makes me wonder about cookies and such.

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Oh right thanks I need to try that. I remember hearing some discussion on that incognito term, but didn’t look into.