What is the single best attraction in Orlando?

I respect you and your thorough analysis. But you’re wrong. :slight_smile:

If I were asked which I would choose if I could only choose one… Hagrid’s, every single time.

Of course, with ROTR a close second, and it purely hypothetical to suggest such a choice, I suppose it doesn’t matter. I will ride both. :slight_smile:


The joy is Hagrid’s is the perfect mix of ride and theming/story, so yeah…if you take away half…it loses a lot.

That’s like saying - “make RotR a basic tracked dark ride and see? Not so awesome, huh!”


…if you take the dolls away from IASW, it is just a boat ride.

…if you take the pirates away from POTC, it is just a boat ride.

…if you take the Na’vi away from NRJ, it is just a…you guessed it…a boat ride.

This is a fun game.


If you have to take away the best parts of something to defend why it’s not the best overall…not the strongest argument :joy:


I’m starting to wonder about how much @ryan1 likes boat rides and dioramas since he’s looking to buy into DVC :thinking:

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I agree with this statement.

But my point is that the theming alone isn’t as epic as RotR. That’s all.

Expedition Everest.

No, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

No, Splash Mountain

No, Soarin

No, Tower of Terror

No, Slinky Dog Dash

I haven’t been to any other Orlando parks though I am a coaster fan. I’ve ridden MFSR and wished we would crash so it would be over. I do plan to try RotR next time. I don’t plan to ever do Avatar because I’m certain I would hate it.


Count me in with the Hagrid crew. Followed by FOP, then ROTR.

I haven’t done FOP and it’s been 20 years since I was last at UOR, but will just share my reason for picking RotR. My dad and I watched Star Wars together growing up and saw the newest ones in the theater. He generally doesn’t love theme parks and is happy to skip most rides. But we got a BG on our trip last month and he went along in a “well, my grown kid and tiny granddaughter wants to do this” way, not knowing anything about RotR. Well, when the ride came to a stop, he sat there for a minute and then, very quietly to no one in particular said, “That was the best ride I’ve ever been on in my life.” And THAT moment alone means it’ll be hard to displace as my all-time #1. (He’s still talking about it almost two months later).


Velocicoaster is my favorite of the moment

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That’s awesome!

I haven’t ridden RotR yet, I have a feeling it will go to the top of my list.

I’ll go against the current and actually pick Soarin’ over FOP for two reasons: I’m not a fan of 3D glasses, and the way you are lifted up in Soarin’ is amazing. I remember the first time I went on and had no idea what was about to happen, getting lifted up gave me osme of the biggest shivers I can think of! FOP is great too, I’ve only ridden it once and I think I would appreciate it more after another try.

I also haven’t been to Universal in 15 years, I do remember liking Spiderman a lot. Obviously no velocicoaster experience, I imagine liking it a lot too since I like fast, smooth coasters.


I would agree. I think the queue theming on Hagrid’s is great. The ride itself is fantastic, but it’s not nearly as immersive as ROTR. It might be my favorite coaster … but it might still be EE. Not sure.

I guess GotG doesn’t count since it’s not in Orlando. I might put that at the top of my list if it were. ToT is great, but not the same. FoP is amazing!

I came off of Hagrid’s the first time thinking … That was fun! I’d like to ride it again.
I came off of FoP feeling completely exhilarated!
I came off of ROTR with a little tear in my eye because it was that awesome.

For sheer enjoyment, FoP or GotG might win out, but for immersive story-telling, it’s ROTR all the way. All that to say … what a surprise that I completely agree with Jeff! :rofl:


Oddly, I came off mostly annoyed. Entirely due to the fact I couldn’t get past the fact the Banshee we were riding is missing it’s head. Ruined the immersion entirely. Otherwise a good ride. I like Soarin’ better, though.


Always makes me feel better when we do! :joy:

Since you bring up GotG/DL, I also shouldn’t discount Indiana Jones. Now that I’ve ridden it so many times, it doesn’t quite get to me when I ride it anymore. But as far as immersion and theming, it’s right up there with RotR (but not quite as good).


DD loves that one. She can cycle around that one a million times. Us parents do it a few times then we bail for Hulk and meet her at the Spiderman exit. I don’t know what it is that is so awesome about it. But, the similar transformer one is just meh.

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Yes! Spider-Man is fab and I’ll do it a few times in the same day but I’d happily skip Transformers.


Obviously FOP is better than Soarin’. But Soarin’ is really very good indeed and I remember being annoyed I only rode it once during my first trip. It’s good enough to be mentioned in the same sentence as FOP. Well, if you’re riding B1. And pretty much central B1.

Samesies. Transformers is just a mess. Just like the movies.

The first time I rode Spider-Man it blew my mind. I’d never experienced anything like it. The second and subsequent times were less mind-blowing, which is why FOP beats it. FOP isn’t mind-blowing, but it just induces child-like joy and wonder in me. As does NRJ, but not on the same scale, and there’s something wrong with the shaman’s tail that bugs me.


Edited to say B1.

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I’m going to throw in a vote for Soarin’ with the caveat that it’s really the original Soarin’ Over California that I love (have they ever showed that version in Orlando). The smell of the orange groves, that shot of Redwood Creek, and Yosemite Falls and Half Dome, and so on…just an exhilarating and fun experience.

Having said that, Soarin Around the World also has some great stuff. Love that ride!

(I have not been on RoTR yet, nor several newer - to me - attractions like SDD. Things will probably change after RoTR)


They showed Soarin over California until some time between 2012 and 2016 - we rode it in 2012 but it was gone by 2016. I honestly much prefer Soarin around the World.