What happens if a ride breaks while in line?

I know they give FP if you were on the ride when it broke or you already had a FPP. But what if you were just waiting in line when it happened?

This has happened a few times to me. If they cannot fix the problem and have to close down the ride for a period of time, they will give everyone in line a FPP.

Nothing. And actually, you don’t automatically get anything if you’ve already tapped in for your FP but not ridden.

Ok so that’s a different answer! But we have never had a FP for a ride breakdown. Only if it broke down before our window and we got an anytime.

It may have been because we had already waited in line for quite a while. We had this happen at RnRC, TSM, and ToT. But maybe they don’t do it all the time.

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Or maybe it depends on which ride.

This has not been our experience.

Yeah, if you have had other experiences that would explain it.

I guess @Flutegarden the answer is it happens, but you cannot count on it. If you are in a line for an attraction that has to close and the CMs do not offer FPP, it would be worth asking for one given the time you had spent in line.

Thanks! How long is it worth continuing to wait in line in the hopes it’s a quick fix?

Maybe its my smiling face :slight_smile:

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I don’t think there is any hard and fast rule. In each of the cases I list above, I think we had waited 30 minutes or so before we were told the ride was down for a long period. Lots of people had left the linebut we had waited (we don’t always).

On the TP app, it will estimate a reopening time. Of course that might not be right, but it gives you an idea of how long that particular ride is usually down.

Could be. I have a “hostile resting face”, so I certainly don’t win any points for perceived friendliness! :wink:

In our previous trip, the ride actually broke down while my wife and son were on POTC. The only thing they got was a “backstage tour”, having had to first “walk the plank” to get off the boat, and then be escorted through the backstage area to otherwise inaccessible exit. They had been stuck on it for nearly an hour, give or take. They were offered nothing.


Well I would have definitely asked for a return FPP, politely and smilingly.


That seems unusual, I think they would usually offer something in those circumstances.

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I see that. Never seems accurate.

I’m most concerned about TSM. That seems to break down a lot with long wait times afterwards (like today). I’ve noted mermaid down a lot recently as well but that doesn’t seem to have a significant impact.

I can’t speak to its accuracy, it’s a fairly new feature but as far as I know it’s based on user data.

TSM is a very popular ride so yes it will have long waits when it comes back up after a breakdown. People see it open and rush back.

SDD broke down just as we were ending the ride. We were sitting in the hot sun for about 10 mins and then the cast members came and walked us off. We were all offered small bottles of water and they scanned our magic bands to give us all anytime fastpasses.

Hmm. So, do they only reward those with magic bands, perhaps? We didn’t have magic bands. I’m guessing they don’t have paper fastpasses in hand to offer instead.

That’s a good question. I didn’t even think about that. There were two cast members standing as we exited scanning our bands. I would assume everyone for something even if they didn’t have a band but I actually don’t know for sure.