What experiences do you think are underrated?

What Disney restaurants/rides/attractions have you really enjoyed that tends to get put down often or not talked about?

Captains Grille - Think its one of the best places to eat on property.

Living with the Land - To me it encompasses what Epcot Center is/was all about.

Flights of Wonder - Every time I go to this show I enjoy every minute of it, its amazing to see how well these birds are trained and kept up and you get a nice education too while at it.


Philharmagic, I cannot say enough about it. Riding the Peoplemover at night is a great experience. I agree with Captain’s Grill but I may just say all dining experiences at the YC.


So many. Carosel of Progress comes immediately to mind.

Turtle Talk as an adult without kids. It was so cute. And love Philharmagic.


Everyone probably hates this ride but I love Stitch’s great escape
Sometimes its a flop, but when everyone is laughing and screaming and squealing, the ride just comes alive and is so much fun and so immersive. I truly love that ride.

The Jedi Training Academy

A kid can go against Darth Vader…doesn’t get better than that.

hmmmm. Lots. The trails at AK, People Mover, Mexico boat ride, La Cava, the MK-EP monorail loop, OMD, GMR, the DHS rope drop beer cart, Jelly Rolls, fountains…


Beer at RD? Wow. :slight_smile:

@MDU, post the pictures :smiley:

@sam2071, In the name of Liner research, I’ve tested this on multiple trips. The beverage cart (beer, wine and liquor) by RnRC in HS is open and selling said alcoholic beverages at park opening every day. Even morning EMH.


Sum of all thrills, most folks walk right past it in innoventions and never bother to try it. It’s great, even the time I got stuck upside down on it for almost 20min.

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People Mover at MK, Animation Academy at HS, Sum of All Thrills at EP, Club Cool at EP. These are all things that DH and I did on our last trip, but somehow had overlooked them the 1st three times at WDW.

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I think the bat exhibit in AK/Asia was amazing and I suspect a lot of people skip it. I also loved Living With the Land, although I think lots of people love that one.

People Mover; Carousel of Progress; Monsters Inc and Buzz Light Year. Also, cannot say enough good things or ride it enough, Pirates.

Mind = blown. Can’t. Form. Words.

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Yeah, me either after 8 or so trips there by noon. :slight_smile:

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Philharmagic and the Peoplemover. I know that when I eventually go with my friends, they will not get my love of the Peoplemover. I’ve been known to ride it three times in a row when I need a break but I don’t feel like leaving MK. For whatever reason, I find it to be an especially magical experience!


LwtL - went on it with very low expectations, and the initial bit make me think I was right. Then we went into the greenhouses and we were amazed.


I agree with everyone about the People Mover. It gets a lot of love on here, but I think that many park guests overlook it (or at least I assume so based on it being a walk on attraction). And same with Living with the Land. I am super excited to be doing the Behind the Seeds Tour as a surprise for my DH who is super into vegetable gardening and plants.

My addition to this list is Tom Sawyer’s Island. I think that the caves are a bit scary, but I love the quieter atmosphere on the island, and my kids love that fort to run around and go crazy. While they do that, I go and sit by the water and watch BTMRR. It’s beautiful, peaceful (except for the screams from the coaster :smile:), and definitely underrated.