What Corporate Promo Items Do You Actually Like

Hi everyone!

Quick question for you. We are doing some research on swag for the TouringPlans travel agency (touringplanstravel.com) and I was curious about some of the items that you’ve gotten from companies that you actually like and use.

Here are a few we were thinking of, please vote on your favorite(s) of these four and tell me below of any other things that you like. Can be stuff from an agency or from anywhere… we’re just trying to avoid giving people stuff that immediately goes in the garbage :joy:

  • Poncho
  • Document Holder (like a flexible pencil case)
  • Drawstring Backpack
  • Waterproof Phone Pouch

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The only promo merch I keep are t-shirts and pens.
I’d probably use a poncho, but have never been given a promotional poncho before.

ETA I’ve had lots of drawstring bags from running events. They tend to get put in the next charity shop run :confused:

Poncho and Backpack, because those two seem actually useful on a trip to Disney (or elsewhere).

I would never use the other two options.

I have never been given a poncho, but that definitely seems to be the most useful from the list!

Yep. Agreed. Never gotten a poncho and wouldn’t want one from anywhere except Disney…

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I’d wear a Touring plans T-shirt. “Have a great Schmersday”


None of the above, but I voted because I probably wouldn’t throw away a document holder or a poncho, yet I’d probably never use them. :grimacing:
The best swag I ever got and use almost every day is a Yeti cup.


I’ve never received a poncho from a company, but I would use a Touring Plan one in the parks! I would probably also use the backpack in the parks, or on other trips.

A poncho would be useful for sure.

Also, mini bottle of hand-sanitizer.


Do you have examples/photos of each? I’d have to see the backpack, but if it’s like the normal rope one, I definitely wouldn’t use it.

I don’t know what the document holder is… is it like a fancy folder?

The poncho and waterproof phone pouch I feel send a bit of a message: “You’re vacation is going to be a wet one.” While it certainly is a possibility, being reminded it’s going to rain puts a damper on the excitement of the vacation plans.Additionally, if it’s a poncho on the same quality as a dollar-store one, it could also just end up in the trash or have the client feeling you’re cheapening out (despite that it’s free. People are weird).

The backpack will be painful to to wear after a few hours (if it’s the standard rope one). And while somewhat unlikely, if it really bothers the wearer, could end up causing a negative mental relation to TP.

Water bottle, travel mug, hoodie, or notebook/planners with pen I think would be better alternatives.

This isn’t on the same level as insider-merch like the store can be. This is stuff for newbie clients. So walking ads. So think logo and tagline only. Head down to the Merch area and suggest/design one! :slight_smile:


Good shout! :+1:t2:


My day-to-day job has us always looking at the end user/audience. Who is your audience?

Are they mostly die-hard liners? Liners would have their “optimal” park bag already broken in so a drawstring bag isn’t as appealing (and as suggested just gather dust or get donated). They would also have the strategy of using a ziplok bag to protect their phone on Kali or Splash or already have a dedicated pouch. So for them, I would think the best option is a decent reusable poncho. Bonus if the poncho comes in a storage bag that can be used to cram it back in after using so the rest of your stuff doesn’t get wet.

Are they random WDW fans? I would think a poncho or a drawstring backpack works for them. They probably haven’t thought about bringing either.

I am kind of meh on the waterproof phone pouch overall, as it really isn’t essential touring gear. The document holder would have been super helpful years ago w/ KTTK cards, but with everything on our phones now it isn’t as useful.


Good read on that. Absolutely a good catch there.

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Or it could be… there is a high probability there will be at least one rain shower during your visit to Florida and we want you to be prepared (and not have to fork over a mortgage payment in WDW ponchos).


Anytime I would mention I was going to Disney the first time out, normally the FIRST thing out of their mouth was something regarding the rain.

It always and immediately killed the excitement. In reality, of course I know it was a possibility and I, being me, planned ahead. But I didn’t want to be reminded every time I talked about the vacation, and I certainly don’t think it should be such an important factor enough that my travel agent provides rain gear.

. Having your Travel Agent being part of that is a bit a put off. A warning here and there is fine, but giving me one is awful. Might as well give me a covid-mask.

I would prefer to have the heads up and the poncho so I don’t get soaked…but everyone is different. :slight_smile:


A good well-planned trip means planning for less-than-ideal but common occurrences - like rain in central Florida! So I agree with you. It wouldn’t turn me off at all to have something rain oriented…better than something we’ll never use (string bag, we’re drowning in them).

Poncho and waterproof pouch could also be pitched as helpful for water rides (Splash, Kali), not just rain.

As long as it’s compact (I carry a lot in my park bag, and there’s 5 of us, so I don’t want anything bulky) I’d like a poncho the most. If rain is only a maybe, I toss 5 of the disposable dollar store type ones in my bag. Carrying actual raincoats or reusable ponchos became a no-go as soon as we no longer brought a stroller.

Waterproof phone pouch would be my second choice. We have a couple, but they’re not ideal, and as the kids get older and get their own phones, we could definitely use a couple more! I also use a similar type pouch as my first aid kit :slight_smile:

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I agree…being reminded of rain via poncho is not the least bit if a turn off for me.

Actually, having a decent poncho would be nice. We have nice ponchos, but they are so overly bulky, we hate bringing them into the parks. The dollar tree ones are easy to carry, but a real pain to use. It would be nice to have one that is in between the two…lightweight, but still durable enough to reuse without being too bulky. That would be an awesome promo item, actually. “The Perfect Poncho” from TouringPlans.com.


As sooon as our kids stopped using the stroller in the parks (around 5yo for each of them) they started carrying their own (appropriately sized) bags. The first few years it was a disposable poncho, water bottle, heat resistant snack, autograph book, and a Sharpie …but they added their own must have’s over the years.

I highly recommend this strategy! It is SO wonderful not having to carry everyone’s stuff in one bag!


Agrees. Remember when KRR first opened they sold ponchos at the entrance. Or, were they free? :thinking:
A water ride is the only time I would use a poncho. I don’t like them because they slip around and the hoods have a tendency to fall down and I have to constantly hold on to it. I carry a lightweight raincoat.