What are your favorite WDW cocktails?


I looked around, but didn't see this posted. I'm looking forward to trying some adult beverages this trip. Which ones do y'all love?


Gonna hop in here before @MDU comes in and takes over! wink And I'm sure @BGK can beef up the list, too! Me, I'm going to start with the OGMs. ♥


Thanks @LoveBug53! Remind me - what does the "O" stand for? I'm assuming GM is Grand Marnier, right?

This will be our 3rd WDW trip. I had to keep sober for the first 2 since I was in charge. Now that DH & DD17 can help out with the tour guide bit, I'm going to let myself relax!


Orange... All wonderful slushie goodness!



I love the Lemon Grey Goose slushy! Just amazing!! I also like the Lapu Lapu! I'm more a beer drinker than a cocktails person, so I didn't try as much drink.


Of course you're a beer drinker @MasterSorcerer! They'd kick us out of Canada if we weren't! wink Lapu Lapu is on my list to try! smiley


True confessions? I truly love the Captain's Mai Tai at the Crews Nest.


I liked the avocado margaritas from the original La Cava. DW liked the wild passion fruit one. 'Nuff said.




How did I forget the avocado margaritas? Oh yeah! It was the last drink I had at the La Cava Wind Down. You are right, that is the best drink there is!


Anyone know where to find an awesome Caipirinha in the world?


In no particular order

Avocado margarita
Jalapeno margarita (LOVE that it doesn't cut off to jalepe here)
Green tea slushie (Japan)
CantoLoopy (China)
Saki flight (japan)
Plum wine (japan)
Mango green tea slushie (China)
Tamarind margarita
Horchata margarita


Sure, tease us. Now I REALLY want a margarita, but I'm stuck home with the kids, with not even a single lime in sight. disappointed


I think that's a jalapeño margarita in there. Can't quite remember. It's was the middle/end of my drinking around the world tour with @HappyKaren


Stop!! My mouth is watering. This is going to happen.


Sugar Cane Mojito--Dawa Bar
Red Fruit Sangria--Kouzzina
Vodka Tonic with Lime--anywhere I can get one
Kona Beer-Poly
Grapefruit Beer-Germany


Horchata Margarita

Jalapeno Margarita


I'm so excited to be staying at an Epcot resort because we will have very easy access to slushies from France!!


My favorite drink is the one in my hand at the moment. I really enjoy the Orange Mango Fire margarita and the Jalapeño Margarita (both in Epcot). Flights of German beer and tequila also top the list.