What are the best Quick Service restaurants in Magic Kingdom?

I was not a fan of the Quick Service (QS) restaurants we went to last year in Magic Kingdom. Over two separate visit, we went to Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, and Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe. I think we had burgers and fries both times. They didn’t taste very good and were overpriced.

Does anyone have any kid-friendly suggestions for better QS restaurants in MK?

We like the Be Our Guest lunch or Columbia Harbour House.


I pretty much Avoid them all - at least for a “meal”. CHH is probably the best of the he options. At least it has indoor seating, and the upstairs can be almost “restful”. I haven’t been to Pecos since they changed the menu; may be better than the hockey puck burgers they used to serve. Cosmic Rays probably has the biggest selection of mediocre food. BOG is the elephant in the room; WS for lunch. Average food served in a beautiful restaurant.


I liked CHH when I went last winter.

And Casey’s can’t be beat for corn dogs and a castle view!


Columbia Harbor House is our go-to for MK quick service. I liked my meal her in June 2017 (I had the salmon). I would recommend going at an “off” time though. The ordering situation was rather chaotic. We were still able to find a table for 5 upstairs without issue.

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We liked BOG best.
Tried CHH and we were not big fans of what we ordered - think they do fried fish best.

I like BOG and CHH. BOG is good QS good, but prices a bit inflated due to location.

If you are willing to head to one of the nearby resorts, I can’t stop recommending Geyser Point at WL. It is delicious, feels a little like TS since it is more of a bar and grill style. Beautiful location and just a boat ride away. Nice little break on a rope drop to close day.


Over near Pecos Bill, there is an outside QS place called Golden Oak Outpost that has really good chicken nuggets and waffle fries. That’s pretty much all they have, but it was surprisingly good and quite filling, particularly for the picky-eater. It is along the pathway connecting Adventureland to Frontierland.


This just changed everything. We have been looking for a quick meal for my daughter before we head into Skipper’s Canteen (she won’t eat their food) and this may have solved everything for us.

Columbia Harbour House is our favorite. I like the lobster roll, DH is crazy about the clam chowder and DD5 usually get the kids’ chicken salad (and shares my lobster).

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I think MK is the worst park for QS - unpopular opinion but none of them do anything for me. I’m trying BOG lunch this time.

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Our favorites are Pecos Bill’s and Columbia Harbour House. I like Pecos Bill’s better now that the menu has changed. The Lighthouse Sandwich at CHH is my favorite QS menu item at MK. While I absolutely love Sonny Eclipse at Comsic Rays, the food isn’t great. I think most of the QS locations have mobile order available now, which saves lots of time in line.

I agree. It’s very closely followed by HS in my opinion. AK is the best by far. :slight_smile:


I have to agree, but I do like CHH and if I want to be really bad, I’ll get a hot dog at Casey’s. I like BOG okay for the “experience”

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I really like it at HS. Backlot has been my favourite QS (but my favourite meal is now off the menu) but I’ve never had a bad QS meal there.

Might have to try that again. I used to love it, and then it went seriously downhill a couple of trips so we stopped going. We usually have TS lunches, but QS definitely takes a much smaller chunk out of The Plan. Plus, DH is addicted to the steak at Mama Melrose…

I’m hoping I enjoy the chicken and biscuits - I will miss the waffles!

Anyone ever eat at Pinocchio Village Haus?

Yes but not for about 20 years. It was fine then, nothing special.

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If you are trying BOG for lunch I recommend the Braised Pork.

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